Pet Parents: Pay Attention To The Pet Food Recall!

May 15, 2012 at 2:53 PM | Posted in A Conscious Life, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

There is an ongoing pet food recall [once again]. Diamond Pet Foods manufactures many “brand names” of pet foods. This is always a bad sign… when one “ghost” company manufactures for several brands.

PLEASE read the list and DO NOT feed your cat or dog any of these brands. Return these brands to the food store immediately for a refund, and buy more nutritious, honorably made [small batch] foods like “Stella and Chewy” and “Weruva,” “Spots Stew,” and “Wysong,” among other good ones.

1.) Chicken Soup For the Soul
2.) Kirkland [Costco Brand]
3.) Country Value
4.) Diamond
5.) Diamond Naturals
6.) Premium Edge
7.) Professional
8.) 4 Health
9.) Taste of the Wild
10.) Natural Balance
11.) Wellness
12.) Canidae
13.) Apex
14.) Solid Gold

In today’s world of advertising deception, you need to do your homework before you buy any pet food.

Make sure you buy from small, Organic, sustainable sources. Many people have turned to local makers of RAW food, and have resorted to making their own.

I do all three. I buy the best canned from some of the good companies I have named like “Weruva” but I also have RAW sent to me and I buy local, sustainable from a small Organic Farm along with making my own with fresh ingredients.

My beloved cats get whole food supplements in their food, along with good Omegas from Flax and Chia.

Be vigilant. And be pissed, because Anger is the impetus to creating the better world we all deserve.

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