I Can’t Believe They Killed Her

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The worst nightmare ever for an animal rescue sponsor: Today, the sweetest mom dog was killed in Massachusetts, vis-a-vis the manipulation and political intimidation of the arrogant bureaucracy called The Department of Agriculture, coupled with the incompetence and Sociopathic behavior of The Baypath Humane Society located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.They are more like an Inhumane Society, in reality.

The four puppies and their mother were needlessly killed as a result of egregious ignorance. No question.

Hysteria and uneducated people create havoc and cost lives.The shelter manager of this supposed no-kill shelter promised me that she would care for the mother and puppies by fostering them in her own home.

It is clear that the mother and puppies were neglected and their immediate needs for high quality nutrition were ignored [I gave over $400 of high quality supplements and food when they were taken by the shelter manager.]

I invested money, time, emotion, and total devotion to these innocent living beings when I helped to financially sponsor their rescue from Georgia. A beautiful little family, and the most graceful, kind, patient mother dog I have ever met.

The patronizing bureaucrats in an overgrown [and way too powerful] government feel the need to prove their relevance with illegal tactics, aggressive harassment, and creating a falsified media “spin” in every outlet possible…. this is all for their personal and political agendas to finally pass into law.

In this case, they have been [for several years now] trying to stop all shelter rescue dogs from crossing their provincial borders.

The day that Whitney Houston was remembered is the very day I will always remember Bella Grace, the mother dog who loved her puppies and was the sweetest dog whom I have ever met. Her amazing Grace will always be with me.

I am so sorry that I ever allowed this family to be taken to the State of Massachusetts.

The befuddled scenario that ensued when the Baypath Humane Society allowed the babies to languish without quality Veterinary care and to get sicker by the day can only be described as totally wretched and incompetent… Adding to the issue is the fact that these dogs could have been saved and treated successfully for their apparent Distemper.

Why was I, the sponsor, not called immediately when the first baby stopped eating and became lethargic? Any good rescue group would know better than to let it get worse.

The glib answer I was given by the Baypath Inhumane Society manager was that she was “busy.”

You were busy? Busy? BUSY? Are you kidding me?

Any question that was reasonable was brushed aside and then turned around, very typically “Sociopathic” style, and I would be made to feel guilty that I was being “too hard” on her and “unfair.” Really? REALLY?

She also said the first baby she put to sleep one night because she was “Tired” and did not want to stay up all night!

Hint, you pathetic Monster: Take the ailing baby to a 24 hour, high-tech animal hospital, and let the Veterinarian on-call stay up all night with her!

Wow! Arrogance, ignorance, uncaring, pathetic, horrible, horrifying, manipulative, deceitful, egotistical, incompetent, inept, disorganized, self-absorbed, uncommunicative, uneducated, unethical. — these are just a few adjectives that politely describe such an entity.

Big, Bitter Lesson: Never think too highly of someone without having their character proven to you first. Never trust too much. Some people seem “nice,” but their inside is corrupted and not worthy of you, your time, your gifts.

All Holistic Vets whom I have spoken to since this shocking tragedy have gasped into the phone when I tell them this story of a mother and babies all being killed so heinously…. and then to see “big brother” step in, with blind ambition, to create a case to make an example to the state Legislature that “Absolutely NO rescue animals should come into the state of Massachusetts!”

Ironically, this very state was one of the first in the Union to sign into law humane treatment of animals. So, where are they today? Why the regression?

I have so many regrets. Yet, my intention in adding this blog is to forewarn other people who are in the worthy animal rescue world…. and to send a message to my many radio listeners and blog readers, etc., that it is time we demand that all animals be given the status of Sentient Being. It’s also time to take back the power in our own lives, and to demand true freedom for all from tyranny.

The condescending attitude, the trickery, the intimidation, the lies, the riddles, the agendas… and what are they worth when you stand before God?

Small Government that WORKS for the citizens of this country is the right of ALL living beings, and no one should have to face the pressure to kill an innocent animal in order to appease the corrupt agenda of some pathetic losers who could never make it in the real world.

Of course, I want Obama and his big bail outs, big government, union smooching cronies OUT this November. But when I see Mr. Romney talk about smaller, leaner government that actually works, I see how it might be my duty to write a letter to this man to remind him that his own state is a mess.

I see Boston and the entire state in a whole different, disgusted way.

Whitney, your voice makes me cry. I will miss you. Rest In Peace. Bella Grace and puppies, I am so sorry I betrayed you. Your beautiful lives have touched me forever. You matter to me. I will always love you.

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