October 15th Part I: Big Government Is A Bad Idea

October 22, 2011 at 4:34 PM | Posted in Big People, Fiscal Responsibility is Good, Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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My conversation with Attorney Paul Antinori, the Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution” tells us what is wrong with a big, excessive Government.

Big Government creates a loss of personal freedom and certainly a loss of your income to bigger, expensive taxes that give you nothing in return.

Check out Paul’s web site, which certainly goes into more detail: www.amendusconstitution.com

When I look ‘just below the surface’ of the face of Propaganda, I see the ugly, REALLY WRETCHED truth of tax dollars being wasted by the many Billions…. When you look at the pandering to the oil, big Agri-business, Timber, and Cattle Industries— you see more waste and destruction and pollution and cover-ups than could possibly be imagined by most people.

Why does the current administration in the White House give millions of tax dollars to the Bureau of Land Management, who is totally worthless in their value to the American taxpayer? The BLM, as they are known, is responsible for the unjust warfare waged against our American Wild Horses, who have roamed free on our wild lands for many thousands of years… long before America had any human beings settled on it.

How is this not a horrible, disgraceful waste of the money all of us are forced to pay into an unaccountable, unappreciative, ungrateful governmental system that has no idea on HOW to balance a Budget like it should.

What have we been reduced to if our government feels justified in squandering our tax money, gives no accountability to the taxpayers, and creates an Oligarchy with a Serfdom rather than a Democracy?

Where is the accountability to destroying our national Forests for the PRIVATE profit of industrial-age Corporations that don’t care, DO NOT CARE about the permanent environmental and economic disasters they create in their wake— yet these VERY destructive companies are SUBSIDIZED AND SUPPORTED by our tax dollars and our lazy, complacent, corrupted, overgrown governmental bureaucrats.

Who wants to have any society overseen by a bunch of Bureaucrats? Come on. It’s time to fight back and expect small, well-run Government that is finally accountable to its citizens.

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