Now Really Is The Time… To Save Animals, Ourselves, Life. » ANIMAL Testing Stop NOW



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  1. What people are doing is not to find cures only thing your doing is killing or animal THIS HAS TO STOP

  2. @(‘o’)@………………………………..i am not going to eat bacon for a week now
    / l/
    / / i am sad to be a humane

  3. i hate humanes a humane body is not a rat it is not a bunny and it is not a dog
    should animals suffer just so you can use your shampoo

  4. that is so sad we need to stop this kind of stuff

  5. My friend showed me this website a few minutes ago. We need to do everything we can to stop these atrocities against our animal brothers.

  6. This is heart breaking

  7. we use animals for our own benefits, what we do is very thoughtless, enough to animal testing! we don’t have the right to hurt any living creature

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