Eco Friendly + Natural Consumer Choices Can Save Lives

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Part I: Clean, Green Cosmetics ARE Beautiful, Lifesaving, Honorable, And Cool!

The consumer buying choices you make for your skin care, make up, hair care, home cleaning products, gardening/lawn products, baby products, and food…. they all add up in a big way and affect your health, longevity, quality of life.

In part I of my radio show today, October 29th, 2011, my conversation with Marj Melchiors of Cosmetics Without Synthetics was timely and important for all women, teens, and everyone.

Check out her website for natural cosmetics/hair/body care products that are non-toxic, holistic, and beautiful:

There are a ton of toxic, harmful ingredients in sunscreen, make up, lotions, bath/shower gels, hair care, baby products, and pet products…. Why? This is a ‘wild west’ in the business world, and there are virtually no regulations whatsoever. Thus, you need to be wise enough to take action for your health and be your own advocate. The FDA and other incompetent tax-draining agencies have no interest in the safety of cosmetics and the MANY chemical ingredients that are in the daily lotions and potions most consumers assume are safe and then slather onto their skin.

Be careful of anything you cannot pronounce… and even seemingly innocent words like “parfum” are just another way of hiding more than 200 toxic chemicals that make the synthesized, desired scent the manufacturer desires for their product.

Instead, look for “Essential Oils” as the natural, holistic, healing, honorable way to bring fragrance to a beauty lotion/potion/make-up/hair care.

Be careful of ALL “Parabens” such as Methyl-paraben, and propyl-paraben. These are toxic preservatives.

Be careful of anything with Propylene Glycol. This is extremely toxic. It makes a lotion or shampoo/make-up more viscous and keeps something in a liquid state. However, the goons that make the commercialized products KNOW this stuff is horribly intoxicating and dangerous to the body. It goes directly through the skin, into the blood stream, and then your Liver and Kidneys are left to deal with yet one more toxic chemical.

Instead, a good company will use natural oils and Glycerin to make the desired viscosity for any products they make. These natural oils are actually healing and beautifying to the skin.

Another really dangerous ingredient is “PEG” or Poly-ethylene Glycol. There is usually a number after the acronym of “PEG.” Be VERY careful of this and NEVER buy a product with this ingredient. Super toxic, very bad for the body, and certainly bad for the waterways it gets washed into and pollutes the oceans and drinking water.

Please make sure you take control of your life by reading up on the unsavory practices of most cosmetics companies that puts their own bottom-line before your health, wellbeing, safety, life.

Clean, pure cosmetics is something to get excited about.

“Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dew drops, lakes, and diamonds.”—- Henry David Thoreau

Part II: Dr. Stephen Blake: Veterinarian Extraordinaire!
Check out his AMAZING web site and get informed and be empowered now! The Pet Whisperer

I cannot repeat enough times how incredibly diabolical the ‘vaccine industry’ is to both people and to animals.

As Dr. Blake confirmed in our conversation on the air, vaccines have never been proven to be safe or even effective! Yikes! What are we allowing to be shot into the bodies of our innocent pets?

And why is it always the mentality with way too many Vets that vaccines are remotely safe and even necessary? Who REALLY taught these Vets their medical information when they were in Veterinary school? And why is it “one size of vaccine fits all” mentality?

Looks like our Veterinary Schools have been corrupted by the very same system that corrupted the human medical schools…. the big pharma-chemical paradigm.

What about food? Food IS medicine. It can also be a killer. The choices you make as a ‘pet parent’ can bring life or bring dis-ease and death to your beloved pet.

Understand the ingredients in commercial pet foods, and avoid mass-produced, chemical laden pet food brands [that are, ironically, sold relentlessly in Veterinarian offices!]

Enzymes are key to your health and your animals’ health. Everyone needs digestive Enzymes and proper nutrients to nourish the body.

I love a product called “Green Mush” by Healthforce Nutritionals along with digestive Enzymes and probiotics for my pets. I also put some Flax Seed oil into their food, too. A great product called “Salba” or ground flax seeds gives some help to the digestion, and your pet will start to have a better life with giving such health giving supplements to them.

RAW food, human-grade, Organic, free range, humane. I am personally a Vegetarian, but I realize that my Cats are natural predators and need to eat meat. I buy them human grade, Organic, local meat from humane farms. I give them Raw plus the best canned food I can buy. Some brands I personally like are “Spots Stew” and “Weruva” among other good brands that make small batches, honorably made pet food.

Among the many topics discussed with Dr. Blake today, the wretched Chemicals used for “Flea” and other parasite infestations are DEADLY to our animals. They cause dis-ease, cancer, thyroid and other degenerative conditions.

Avoid ALL products that you can buy from the pet store OR your Vet where you put a chemically laden toxic soup between the back shoulder blades of your beloved pet!

Have you ever asked yourself WHY these products have to be placed between the back shoulder blades? This is crazy. It is so highly toxic that when YOU touch these chemical products, YOU will get sick, too. It trans-dermally soaks through your skin and right into your blood stream.

Horrible. Who is in charge here to oversee these toxic Chemicals? Again, it is the “Wild West” with the chemical industry machine.

Instead, check out Dr. Blake’s Web site, The Pet Whisperer and check out your many options for healthy care for your pets.

I like to use anything with NEEM oil in it. It works wonders on unwanted pests. There are shampoos, and even sprays. You should also always put some Garlic into your pets food, and this certainly helps to keep away unwanted parasites and fleas. I like to buy the “Kyolic” brand in capsules. You open some capsules and mix it into your pets food [depending upon the size of your pet.] You can also chop up some Organic, fresh Garlic and put it into your pets food, too, if you prefer.

Be the advocate for your family that you have to be today.

Be a voice with your local and nationally elected [asleep at the wheel] Government officials. I have no idea how these men and women, whose jobs it is to simply protect the taxpayer/consumer/citizen/environment, can ignore their obvious duties to this world. It defies all logic that they are so ignorant to these clear and present dangers in our world that are easily expunged if they only had the backbone and the will to do so.

I send Love to all the animals whose lives have been cut short from vaccines, toxic food, and other chemicals that should never have been allowed into the market place. Our voices have to lift higher and louder to remove these toxins from the “mainstream” Veterinarian practices.

” What is happening to our world is almost too colossal for human comprehension to contain…. To contemplate its girth and its circumference, to attempt to define it, to try and fight it all at once, is impossible. The only way to combat it is by fighting specific wars in specific ways.”—- Arundhati Roy

Live Well Naturally.

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“To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.” — Seneca, Roman Philosopher, Mid-1st Century, AD

This week’s show got a very big response. I am so grateful for the feedback, and any good person can listen to this show on the Archives section.

Detoxification is the key to finding wellness. A daily, conscious set of good choices will guide you to a life of health.

However, there are a few evil forces that we all have to overcome— daily— in order to achieve balance, clarity, joy, even peace within our bodies and within our spirits and thinking.

Pesticides. Chemical Warfare [both from toxic household products and from deliberate Government Chem Trail spraying]. Vaccines. Pharmaceutical Drugs. Toxic fumes. Petrochemicals. Toxic, GMO “Frankenstein” food. Nuclear fallout in the air and water. War. Warfare testing by U.S. Government. Oil industry waste and pollution. Agri-business waste in waterways. Ignorance. Toxic people. Slavery. Hatred. Emotional turmoil. Bad Doctors. Street drugs. Toxic paint. Toxic carpet. Toxic furniture. Toxic PVC. Toxic smokestacks. Cigarettes laced with chemicals. Processed, chemical-laden food. Deforestation. Overfishing. Wasteland Oceans. Corrupted Politicians. Fluoride. Mercury. Heavy Metals. Apathy.

… the list could continue. We need to collectively take responsibility for allowing this to happen all around us, and for even participating in such destruction without even realizing it by simply making the wrong consumer choices.

Every day is an opportunity to learn how to be your own advocate, and by doing so, you are helping the world and others to become empowered. I am happy to share some ways I have discovered to detox effectively. The list is certainly a beginning, and I encourage all of my listeners to continue to search for truth and honorable health and life choices.

How to detox:

1.) Cleanse the inner body, outer body, and mind. How you do this is by FIRST cleaning out your internal body. Do a Cleanse. I suggest you start with a Liver/Gallbladder/Kidney Cleanse. Beets, Beet juice, Celery, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and other herbs are really good for your Liver and Kidneys. Let’s face it, these two crucial Organs need our help in this toxic world. They clean out all of the toxins we take in.

2.) Candida and Parasite Cleanse. Clean out the literal parasites from your body, and you will start to see and think clearly. Your skin will also be more clear, and you will start to clean out the mental and emotional parasites, too. It is amazing how this works.

3.) Restore the body. I like to make Smoothies at home. An easy way to do this is to buy frozen ORGANIC fruit at a forward-thinking, sustainable retailer and add some Acai Berry Powder and Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter [and Spring Water.]
You can also make Leafy Green Smoothies and add some Lemon and Lime to the Smoothie to give it a kick. I always put about a 1/4 Teaspoon of REAL Sea Salt into the Smoothies I make, as this adds a good dose of Magnesium to your diet. Sea Salt is a wonder food, and you should have it EVERY DAY.

4.) Heat. Baths. Far Infrared Sauna. Regular Sauna. They even have Far Infrared Heat Pads now.

****What I like to put into my baths:
Sea Salt, Magnesium Oil [ and are both great companies; they also have many other excellent products including magnesium powders to put into the bath], Miracle II Soap [from], REAL Essential Oils [Lavendar, Ginger, etc.], Sea weed [very good for drawing out heavy metals], and Clay [I like Redmond Clay].

Soak in the bath for about 20 to 30 minutes. Take a Tepid to cool shower afterward. You will start to feel the magnificent effects of healing.

Be sure to drink a lot of Spring Water both before and after your bath.

5.) Natural, NON Toxic body lotions are very important. Read labels. Stay away from anything with “Parabens” or “Propylene Glycol” or “PEG” or “Fragrance” in it. There is a list of about 12 really dangerous additives in body care that I have covered in past shows.

There are many good, honorable brands, but not many that are easily available at a regular drugstore or supermarket. However, Whole Foods does sell a brand called “Alaffia” that is very pure. They also sell a few other great brands like “Aubrey” that are extremely pure, but sadly, you do have to look at labels because even a store like Whole Foods cannot guarantee you a pure consumer product.

Pure, Unrefined, Fair Traded Shea Butter is miraculous for nails and heels of feet. Rub the Shea butter briskly between your hands to melt the Shea Butter and spread it all over your nails, cuticles and feet.

5.) Your food choices. Shop at outdoor markets for local, sustainable, Organic and small farm foods. All over the USA there are Co-ops that will deliver to your door or where you can pick up weekly produce and other honest food. In Connecticut, there is a company that will deliver to your DOOR called “Connecticut Farm Fresh.”

6.) Say NO to Mammograms! Those evil empires are at it again. Looking to make money from lying to you. This is a very DANGEROUS practice and is totally insane if you look at the high risk of the high dosage of radiation that actually causes cancer. There are many, many good researchers and knowledgeable health leaders who have stood up to this diabolical practice. Look up Dr. Mercola, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Schulze, Dr. Edward Group, and many others. Just “Google” the Dangers of Mammograms and see the information that is there for you to empower yourself with truthful knowledge.

Instead, opt for “Thermography.” It is higher technology that is thermal imaging, and far more accurate, and non-toxic, and not to mention much cheaper. There are many good Naturopathic practitioners who offer this service. Again, search on the internet for someone in your area.

7.) Say NO to Fluoride. This is such a heinous lie to the trusting consumer. It has got to stop. Again, an internet search will give you information. But you, and everyone, should read the excellent book, “The Fluoride Deception.” Understand WHY you are being deceived.

Buy non-fluoride toothpaste, tooth powder, and tooth soap, along with the many tooth cleaning essential oils and other amazing [COOL] products that are exciting to use and actually remineralize your teeth. Also, the Miracle Soap can be used as a wonderful tooth gel, too. You can even just use plain Baking Soda. Make a paste. You might want to add a small amount of Peroxide once a week. Easy. Simple. Taking control of your life.

8.) Hair Products. Hair Color and Shampoos are also a place where manufacturers can hide really toxic, harmful chemical ingredients. For Shampoo, I like to use the “Alaffia” and “Earthly Delight” brands I get at Whole Foods. There are a handful of other brands that are 100% holistic [such as the actual “100% PURE” brand itself] that I buy direct from the companies that make them via the internet.

Hair Color: The high level of toxicity in commercial brand hair color is a big unknown to most women. Most all hair color is damaging both your hair and your Thyroid, Adrenals, Kidneys, Liver, Scalp, even your brain cells!

What I use:

*Henna. There are a few good brands, but the brands that I have found that are truly amazing are: Henna King [my personal favorite], Morrocco Method from Los Angeles[never to be confused with ‘morroccan method’], and Colora.

*The ONLY Hair Color out of a box that I can recommend is: “Palette by Nature” made in Minnesota.

As far as my research has shown, this is the only brand of ‘out of the box hair color’ that has NO toxic chemicals and is totally, 100% pure for your body.

For deep conditioning, use natural oils that you can actually eat: Avocado, Almond, Coconut, Olive Oils, etc. You can gently heat them and use it as a once-a-week hot pack for your hair if you want.

The point here is to think about what is actually going on to your body topically as the very same thing as what is being put into your body. Your skin transdermally soaks EVERYTHING into your bloodstream…. so insist on being a true health ‘Samurai’ for your body!

Our fresh waterways, fish, wildlife, and Oceans will thank you for making these life affirming choices, too.

9.) What’s in your home? Toxic Furniture is the “norm” in the USA. I cannot shop at those big box discount stores and I certainly cannot shop at most retail stores. Whenever I have worked with a Designer, I have had to give them the contacts for natural stuffing and fabrics for furniture. It can feel daunting, but your health is totally worth the extra steps you take to make certain you are not intoxicated every time to lounge on your sofa or bed.

Some very good sources for non-toxic, organic, health minded furniture:

* ABC Carpet and Home, NYC

* Environment Furniture, LA, NY and most major Cities.

* Viesso, LA, ship everywhere

* Gaiam, mail order

* Crate and Barrel [some furniture and they have Organic Sheets, Towels.]

* Pottery Barn [some furniture and they have Organic Sheets, Towels.]

There are a handful of very good companies who make Organic, non-toxic furniture.
These are some companies where I have found consistent quality and reliability. There are ALWAYS good companies sprouting up and there are several now via the internet, and thank God for such wisdom…. Research and make sure you protect your interior spaces, where you live, rejuvenate, sleep, play, relax.

What’s A Tar Sands?

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Part II of my October 15th, 2011 radio show was with Jamie Henn of The Tar Sands Action based in San Francisco, CA.

Check out Tar Sands Action at

Jamie Henn described to us on the show what sounds like a scene from a movie on world destruction and the aftermath of man’s foolish disregard for the natural environment that gives life.

The above photograph of Alberta “Before and After” a Tar Sands extraction by the usual “Big Oil” players is clearly a grim reality of the environmental devastation and permanent destruction of our Oxygen-giving Forests….. and ALL wildlife that depends upon the livelihood of these Forests…. All the trees, streams, lakes, meadows, birds, flora, and every indigenous animal species that have nested and brought forth life in these Forests since the beginning of this Creation is gone.

Who can turn their back on this overt, obvious, even hateful desecration of our natural world that we all depend upon for our water resources, food, air quality, and life itself?

Why has the Canadian Government [and the US Government, too] turned their back on this “Terminator” style Environmental Annihilation that devastates that local people whose livelihoods and very existence is dependent upon the beautiful Forests in Alberta to remain intact? This, by the way, is VERY similar to the devastation of the natural waterways and coastline in the entire Gulf of Mexico from the enormous greed, corruption and back-room ‘favors’ that leave the local businesses and ordinary people victimized by the aftermath of such destruction.

The Pipeline that both the Canadian and U.S. elected officials want to construct with Taxpayer dollars [but benefitting the few Oil/Gas companies directly and EXCLUSIVELY] will destroy the waterways and air quality and wildlife migration and quality of life in every state that it is slated to pass through until its target destination of the Gulf of Mexico.

Who are the madmen behind this asinine plan to bring “energy” that is dirty, destructive, permanently scarring to the planet, ruining of water and air and all life…. How is this defined as “Energy” by the Bureaucrats that justify all of this destruction for the financial benefit of a few?

All oil, gas and coal is NON-Renewable. The Earth cannot sustain this massive destruction of its natural resources to extrapolate such an outdated paradigm of Energy production?

Where are the HEALTHY, GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE “Energy” plans that should, instead, be supported by Tax Dollars?

Tar Sands From Space

Look at the energy, resources and power it takes to create one barrel of dirty oil. It takes four Litres of Water to produce one Litre of Oil.

This makes no common sense. Is this what we are to accept? A natural world permanently destroyed for dirty, unsustainable, outdated, unethical “Energy” when clean alternatives actually exist that would make all of this obsolete?

Please take action. Write your National/State Representatives, email, call, tell your friends, set up local chapters to stop this madness, and support the many organizations like The Tar Sands Action Organization to support the bright idea of CLEAN Energy and to bring your collective, powerful, taxpayer citizen voice to bring to an END the destruction of our world as we know it for dirty energy and the dirty, “industrial revolution thinking” that arrogantly believes that they can destroy our planet by giving blood money donations to corrupted Bureaucrats.

The Time Is Now. Clearly, tomorrow is too late.

October 15th Part I: Big Government Is A Bad Idea

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My conversation with Attorney Paul Antinori, the Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution” tells us what is wrong with a big, excessive Government.

Big Government creates a loss of personal freedom and certainly a loss of your income to bigger, expensive taxes that give you nothing in return.

Check out Paul’s web site, which certainly goes into more detail:

When I look ‘just below the surface’ of the face of Propaganda, I see the ugly, REALLY WRETCHED truth of tax dollars being wasted by the many Billions…. When you look at the pandering to the oil, big Agri-business, Timber, and Cattle Industries— you see more waste and destruction and pollution and cover-ups than could possibly be imagined by most people.

Why does the current administration in the White House give millions of tax dollars to the Bureau of Land Management, who is totally worthless in their value to the American taxpayer? The BLM, as they are known, is responsible for the unjust warfare waged against our American Wild Horses, who have roamed free on our wild lands for many thousands of years… long before America had any human beings settled on it.

How is this not a horrible, disgraceful waste of the money all of us are forced to pay into an unaccountable, unappreciative, ungrateful governmental system that has no idea on HOW to balance a Budget like it should.

What have we been reduced to if our government feels justified in squandering our tax money, gives no accountability to the taxpayers, and creates an Oligarchy with a Serfdom rather than a Democracy?

Where is the accountability to destroying our national Forests for the PRIVATE profit of industrial-age Corporations that don’t care, DO NOT CARE about the permanent environmental and economic disasters they create in their wake— yet these VERY destructive companies are SUBSIDIZED AND SUPPORTED by our tax dollars and our lazy, complacent, corrupted, overgrown governmental bureaucrats.

Who wants to have any society overseen by a bunch of Bureaucrats? Come on. It’s time to fight back and expect small, well-run Government that is finally accountable to its citizens.

Enercel: A Secret Healer?

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My conversation during the second half of my show on October 8th, 2011, was with Dr. Jan Hale, a Veterinarian who taught me about a miraculous natural healing product called “Enercel” last Winter, when my baby Maggie the cat was diagnosed with late stage cancer. Check out

When the shock of the reality that Maggie was dying turned into taking Action, I searched the internet. I found some very honorable people and some spectacular information about natural healing. Her food quality became even more important, and I got all kinds of advice on feeding her raw food, giving her minerals, Wheat Grass, and even making her smoothies. But trying to get any of this into the mouth of a cat is another challenge!

So, I decided to not stress her too much, and so I would give her droppers of different concoctions [that had to taste good] and very high quality food. One company whose raw, high quality, organic food was extremely impressive [and tasty for my baby Maggie] was “Tropical Traditions.” This is one excellent company with superlative products for both people and animals. Maggie loved their raw cat food and the organic beef hearts.

During my busy time of trying to help Maggie and re-establishing my radio show in a new station and other markets, and then working to help a kitten whom I had rescued and had some health challenges of her own…. I kept looking for something to make Maggie comfortable, and to give her energy and to possibly even heal her.

I prayed, too, by the way. Every day, I thanked God for the little miracles: her energy, her alertness, her walking around the house as the “Top Cat” and bringing peace to the new clan of kittens and the established cats in the household. The times we would spend with the Winter sun streaming into the Master Bedroom and the moments that we shared are forever with me. Great moments of truth, love, peace, and faith.

I would inject the Enercel into the almost daily sub-q fluid sessions and gentle brushings and bird-bath time we would have together on my heated bathroom floor on a warm rug. Maggie seemed to love the effects of the Enercel. In fact, she would communicate to me with her actions by just coming to me at the right time and would lay on the bathroom floor to say, “Okay, mama, you can give me more fluid and Enercel because I feel better whenever I get it.”

I got better and better at giving Sub-q. I would inject the Enercel into the tube with a hypodermic needle, but it is most likely more effective to give the Enercel with a very thin [#27 or #28] hypodermic needle directly into the ‘tent’ you make at the back of the neck. But I did not want to stress her too much, as her skin had gotten thinner over time as she had gotten more frail, so giving the sub-q and the Enercel liquid at once made it easier for her and for me.

Enercel also can be given via drops. I had the drops for her, and would give these to her as well. I would also put some drops into the water, and into her food. But Enercel is so precious that I felt putting it directly into her mouth would be best.

Maggie had energy and determination until the moment she passed into God’s arms. She walked around, sunned herself on our deck, had a nice appetite for both breakfast and dinner on April 28th, 2011. Two hours after she ate dinner, she walked around our master bed room and watched me fold clothes. She waited for her Dad to get home from a week long business trip.

Within the hour of my husband’s arrival home, Maggie passed away in his arms. We were both with her when she took her last breath. A moment of acute truth, and the deepest sadness of saying goodbye for now until we are reunited.

I believe that if I had found Enercel and some of the other natural healing modalities sooner [and gotten a proper diagnoses sooner] then Maggie could have certainly overcome this dis-ease.

Her strength and her beauty will always be with me.

Our Baby Maggie, the perfect cat.

I still feel Maggie’s presence and wisdom everyday. I know she is a wise life force in my life.

I now always keep Enercel in my home. I have used it to heal my other cats from the flu, colds, viruses and bacterial infections. Now I am giving our 16 year old cat, Sabrina, an injection every day as she is elderly and needs extra help and a lot more care.

Thank you to Dr. Hale for bringing this phenomenal product to the pet Guardians who want to take control of their pets health without the use of damaging pharmaceutical drugs and expensive, invasive tests and procedures that are really not helpful nor remotely life-giving.

This show is, of course, dedicated to our beloved Maggie, Fur Child, Mina, Brandy, Chiquita, Jangles, Mr. Black, Little Gray, and all of the beautiful spirits whom God gifted to us for this short time.

The War On Libya [and any country with resources the USA wants]

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My conversation with Ben Becker of the Answer Coalition on October 8, 2011 answered some questions that I had suspected were true about America, and the unjust “war” we wage on innocent people in order to overtake the natural resources [e.g., oil] from countries around the world in the name of “Freedom.”

Hmmmm. Freedom to extract other people’s property, kill innocent civilians randomly, and destroy the historical architecture, and national treasures of such countries is okay?

The Depleted Uranium used by the U.S. Military in Iraq and Afghanistan have created deformed children, and these countries are uninhabitable due to the high levels of radiation unleashed on innocent people and the environment.

Depleted Uranium is inhaled into the lungs, ingested into food, and enters the body via the skin, too. It is dangerous, disastrous stuff that the U.S. Military wages against American Citizens in their covert ‘national security’ testing it also likes to undertake in the Northwestern states of the USA. Millions of people and food crops are subjected to this air-born killer.

Check out The Answer Coalition’s web site, and learn more about what you can do to be a voice for all life.

Another great site on the horrors of Depleted Uranium is Earth Hope Network:

How can any elected official, educated, intelligent person turn their back on this diabolical warfare killer?

Now Really Is The Time… To Save Animals, Ourselves, Life.

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This weeks show: Animal Reverence. We need to take action now for all life. Originally Broadcast on October 1, 2011, now available on the Archives Section of this Blog.

Protecting our Natural World should be easy. It only takes Motivation.

Part I: My interview with Author, Journalist Karen Dawn, who wrote the now world renowned book, “Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking The Way We Treat Animals.” THANKING THE MONKEY

“And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one small creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of vast Eternity can fill it up.” — Charles Dickens

To say that the act of wrongful practices within what is dubiously termed “scientific research” involving animal testing is harmful to both humans and to the entire animal world is an understatement. This is a heinous practice that took hold during the Third Reich reign in Europe, as mad scientists were testing their chemical warfare and other diabolical inventions on both the human prisoners and on animals.

Why has the U.S. Government not bothered to ask the simple question of whether or not this junk science is worthy of billions of hard earned tax dollars… and even safe to rely upon? What about the ETHICAL questions of gruesome testing habits and horrifying practices? Where do these questions ever get asked or responded to in public Debates or interviews?

Why the silence from compliant, under-educated Media talking heads who know nothing about this shameful waste of money and life?

Animal Experiments Are, Indeed, Horrifying, Evil, Worthless and Nazi Science. This is a photo of inside a lab at Primate Products, Inc….. Obama gave tax money to them under the last \'stimulus\' and created only more suffering, harm, and horror.

Is this acceptable, reasonable, or even progressive? How can every single elected member to both the Congress and the Senate turn a blind eye to this horrifying waste of tax payer money and of innocent living beings? The suffering is evident. The lies and deception are unmistakable. So why the ignorance continued?

One of the best blogs/websites that clearly explains the horrors that have got to immediately be addressed publicly is this one: Great Website on Animal Suffering Explained To Motivate Humans To Take ACTION

Why would anyone STILL be so ugly, ignorant, downright stupid and pathetic to still wear a fur skin that was literally ripped off the body of another living being? Who ever deemed this “glamour?” A hideous reality is behind every piece of Fur skin, whether it be a fur collar or a full fur length coat: Don’t be so damn ugly to think you look cool with blood on your soul.

The hideous horror behind every Fur garment is beyond what most people can even imagine. Be a voice for these innocent, sentient beings.

Who are the Dummies who wear fur without the brain cells to ask about the suffering, blood, horror behind a murdered and chemically processed living being?

Take a stand now. Find out more at

Part II: Angels Gate Sanctuary.

1.) Please always ADOPT and never buy an animal from a breeder, store front, internet, etc. Why? The suffering that the surplus of animals has caused is astronomical, and the “puppy mills” and other “animal mills” that these animals are mostly from are factories of filth, abuse, neglect, and fear. ALL of these factories should be ILLEGAL in every State, but the wheels of logic in our over-bloated Government turn way too slowly. YOU, the Consumer, need to be the voice of change for these innocent living beings who are suffering right now as I write this blog entry.

2.) Breeders send their own surplus to the public Shelters. They are causing havoc for the many millions of animals who are Euthanized every year simply because there is not enough room or even tax payer finances [allocated by over-bloated Governments] to create a Shelter system that actually WORKS. Too many animals are killed rather than adopted…. and a lot of this has to do with Breeders. Don’t buy their twisted rhetoric, and certainly don’t buy an animal. ADOPT.

3.) Why would anyone attack Susan Marino, the Director of Angels Gate? This amazing Hospice for animals is one of only a handful in the USA, and they depend entirely on donations from the caring citizens who want to be part of the change they wish to see in this world.

4.) I have known Susan for quite some time now, and she is one of those very honorable, and wonderful persons who gives of her daily life to bring a place of rest and sanctuary to animals in need.

5.) Susan helped me with O’Neill, a beautiful, gray tiger cat whom I had helped rescue in 2004 off the streets of Brooklyn when his ignorant guardians threw him out in the middle of the Winter to fend for himself. Why would anyone be that pathetic, dysfunctional, and disrespectful to treat one of God’s creatures with such hatred? Where do all of the “Haters” come from?

6.) O’Neill lived out his life at Angels Gate since he had contracted Leukemia while he was trying his best to fend for himself in the cold, below freezing temperatures for way too long before I got the call to rescue him.

7.) It was an honor to have saved O’Neill. His big green eyes, his beautiful and kind spirit, his thankfulness and his resilience will always be with me for the rest of my life. I know he will be there to greet me at the gates of Heaven when my time comes…. and all of the amazing animals whose lives have touched me so gracefully will be there…. I am so honored to be living my life everyday with God’s messengers around me.

8.) Every time I look at the stars in the sky, I see the different colors of the eyes of the many animals whose spirits have passed from this world. I see green, blue, gold, yellow, amber…. they are like light houses in the sky to guide me, and to remind me of the ephemeralness of life, and the reason why I am here. Eternity awaits all living beings, and I believe you can choose, while here on Earth, what Eternity you deserve.

Please be a big advocate for animals in your everyday life. Be a hero when you are called [even when it’s not convenient, etc.] and say something, do something, be something today that could make all the difference for another living being.


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