Saving Our Wild Dolphins and Marine Mammals: Easy, But Where Is The Will?

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The sea in Taiji turns blood red from the murder of thousands of Wild Dolphins

Part II: August 27th, 2011 Show: The Earth Island Institute and Saving Our Wild Dolphins From Brutal, Bloody Murder In Taiji, Japan….

This topic I highlighted last year with Ric O’Barry, who won the Oscar for the incredible Documentary, “The Cove” this past year. The spectacular team of Producers, Directors, undercover camera people, and everyone involved in the making of this Documentary are the greatest movie makers and news makers on this planet.

To outsmart the Japanese [Hostile and Arrogant] government was a feat in itself, and to then to display for all the world to see the bloody killing of these elegant, intelligent, beautiful Sentient Beings was unforgettable… and for me, it was the impetus to taking immediate action to help save these important living beings.

My interview with Mark Berman of The Earth Island Institute was, once again, eye opening. I cannot imagine the low level of ignorance that a person must be reduced to so that they can justify this Genocide. It is totally horrifying, and the world has GOT to step up and stop this massively wretched behavior on the part of the Japanese Government, who PAYS for the Taiji fisherman to stab to death these beautiful, important Marine Mammals.

Is this acceptable today?


Ric O’Barry has put his physical life on the line for these majestic, intelligent Marine Mammals and will continue to be a voice for their savior until the killing stops.

Why is the United States and other ‘super powers’ silent on this Genocide?

I was astonished to learn from Mark Berman in the interview that it is “TRADE” and Politics that stops any country of strength from stepping up and standing up for these innocent Dolphins.

….WHAT? The insanity of “Trade” being the reason for the SILENCE of our own current President and Administration and the apathy to stopping these senseless murders… this RAPE of our Oceans…. is unconscionable.

Where is the Ethical base in our own Government? With all of the taxes we currently pay, you would think that we could accomplish some ENVIRONMENTAL Justice in this world.

If I were President, I would slap a 10,000% Tariff on all Japanese imports and I would be a direct, very loud and clear voice around the world to Boycott Japan and its wretchedness until this Genocide stops. And stops permanently.

Look at the photos and ask yourself what letters, emails, phone calls…and any additional actions you can take for these Dolphins today to help save them. I urge all of my listeners to be a VOICE for our natural world before the darkness of bad politics destroys all of our natural resources forever. Honestly, there is no life on Earth after the natural balance has been irreparably destroyed.

I don’t want to live in a world where we have killed every beautiful, Sentient, intelligent living being and destroyed the natural wonders of this gorgeous world God gave to us to PROTECT and to be good stewards of.

Wow. I cannot imagine the self hatred, arrogance, ignorance, diabolical and sociopathic, twisted thinking it takes to take a sword and lift a hand to stab to death such an innocent, sweet, loving, and kind Marine Mammal.

Take Action to save our world. Now really is the time.

Cut Fossil Fuel Emissions: We Have The Technology, So Why The Governmental Apathy?

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Part I of my show on Conscious Lifestyles, broadcast on August 27, 2011, was a discussion on the technology that exists to cut power plant, automobile, and factory emissions by more than 50%.

So why the pathetic apathy from our own Government that loves to spend advertising dollars on “Going Green”?

Why can’t our EPA and other Bureaucrats get it together and start taking action to REALLY preserve our air quality immediately? What is the TRUE issue behind the lack of progress in protecting our air and water from dangerous fossil fuel pollution? Perhaps some back-room deals with notorious polluters like the Oil, Gas, Automobile and Coal industries? What about the privatized, for-profit power plants themselves? Hmmmmm…. And when these very industries give big donations to Politicians to win any political office, the situation is clearly an unfair game of “Talk” and no action.

My Guests for this segment are simply people who have a product that can help save our air quality, but they have, until now, been virtually ignored for the invention of Dr. Ivan Porubszky.

David Woods had to do most of the talking for Dr. Porubszky as his Hungarian accent is quite thick, but the message was clear: The technology to save our air and water quality is here, so why no interest by our very own Government to implement this easy-to-retrofit technology?

Too many children and adults suffer from severe respiratory distress, and how many billions do we, as Americans, spend on doctors visits and dangerous medications to get relief from Asthma and other fossil-fuel burning caused

Anyone interested in finding more information on this coating for the Catalytic Converter that Dr. Ivan Porubszky would like to bring to the marketplace, you may contact his partner, David Woods:
Phone: 647.703.2012

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