Would You Choose Frankenstein-Chemicals For Your Body, Yard, Home, Family?

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I would not. Most of us, certainly, would not.

But incestuous, big agri-businesses and the usual suspects of the big “Pharma” have lobbied their way into the pockets of our Senators and Congress people…. And anyone in a position to impose laws and Legislation that would corruptly favor the very Frankenstein Chemicals that are KNOWN toxins are undermining our very right to live well….

Don’t buy it.

Instead, vote with your dollars and insist on Organic Gardening supplies and Small-Farm, sustainable food ONLY.

I love my Guest on my June 4th show with Peter Bedard of “Create Your Health” in LA.

Listen to Peter tell us how to have a “National Wildlife Federation” Certified yard, and what the benefits of “Rolfing” are…. And so many cool things about being naturally healthy and some yummy food choices for health and well being….

Thanks to my listeners and hugs and kisses to all who have taken the time to be Conscious about their life choices on this Earth….

Please be a voice to your local elected officials to make sustainable, ecologically responsible steps and keep the giant Chemical/Agricultural lobby out of our individual freedoms of choice. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful and greedy these corporate giants are— they do not, on any level, “play fair” and they have no intention of being even remotely GREEN or Organic.

The time really is now. Big lobby groups are trying to seriously limit your choices with such propaganda and twisted messages of “food safety” and other heinous Bills to literally Legislate your Freedom right out of our lives as American Citizens.

Look at the horrifying Bill that recently passed– UNBELIEVABLY– S 510.

This Bill panders directly to the big Chemical, GMO Corporations and literally takes your right to have a Garden in your own yard a crime that would be “overseen” by the most corrupt agency in this world, The FDA!

Stand up now.

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