Vaccines = Genocide

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My conversation today with Barbara Loe Fisher, Director and Co-Founder of The Vaccine Information Center,, was one of the most important broadcasts I could give to my listeners.

If there is one thing that all American Citizens need to understand, it is that Vaccines, and ALL the Propaganda that deliberately misinforms parents and ordinary people day-after-day, is enormous. The “machine” that pumps out this information is part of a very well orchestrated plan to control the population [literally] and to destroy our health to weaken the will of the masses.

I know this sounds “conspiracy-theory” in its tone, but sorry, it is the absolute truth. There are numerous books, articles, research papers, Doctors, Nutritionists, Researchers, and the list goes on…. who have shared with anyone who is willing to look and search for the truth the horrible reality behind the “Vaccine Machine.”

One book I highly recommend is “The One Hundred Year Lie” by notable Journalist Randall Fitzgerald.

Find out for yourself the truth behind the intention of the Vaccine “programs” that our very own Government underwrites with our taxes! It is truly asinine when you start to unravel the misguided, foolish thinking on the part of elected Politicians who know nothing about Toxicology, or even the meaning of true health and how to go about healing.

The perpetuation of this misinformation on the ‘safety’ of vaccines currently costs the United States several Billion dollars a year in medical costs. But the long term cost is staggering when you think of what the future will hold with permanently injured children, retardation, mentally and physically handicapped people in huge numbers, and children who have died from receiving a vaccine that a Doctor in a White Coat promised was ‘good’ for them….

Did you know that Doctors who administer vaccines are exempt from any Liability for causing injury or death to a child, adult, and our family pets?

Vaccines contain questionable, at best, ingredients that should be enough for any honorable, elected official stop and think. But they don’t…. Why?

I don’t know about you, but if I see something wrong, I stand up and say something! I would never sell my soul to this entity that seems invisible to the average person, but looms large everywhere in reality. The scary thing is that the pharmaceutical/chemical warfare entities are unrelenting in their pursuit of power over your life, the lives of our children, animals, and the future of America. What are we if we are chronically ill?

Our entire medical system has been corrupted by big pharmaceutical interests that originally got their start as Chemical Warfare companies in Nazi Germany.

A logical question to ask is how in the world would anyone ignore this alarming dichotomy of “health care” and “chemical warfare” combining forces to re-invent the definition of healthcare?

Children in the Third World have not escaped this horror of Genocide via a hypodermic needle. The World Bank, Unicef, the wretchedly misguided [downright evil] Gates Foundation, and other seemingly Benevolent “health” groups have spent hundreds of billions of dollars promoting vaccines for Third World children.

What Third World children need is FRESH drinking water, healthy food, shelter, and access to proper hygiene. The LAST thing they need is a vaccine that will undermine and permanently damage their already stressed immune systems!

Wow, unbelievable when you think clearly about this pathetic practice of poisoning the planet.

And when it comes to our beloved animal companions, our best friends in life– they are facing the very same auto-immune diseases that humans have suffered since the advent of forced multi-vaccinations and chemical-laden, de-natured food. Dis-ease has been the result of this modern day lifestyle of deliberate poisoning.

I have had two beloved cats who have died from Auto-Immune Dis-ease that was the result of vaccine induced inflammation and immune system damage.

My beloved Maggie, whom I blogged lovingly about in my earlier blog, was taken from me too soon as a result of the NYC Shelter, the CACC, giving multiple vaccines to her along with a dishonest, greedy, unethical Veterinarian who later repeated the very same “3 in 1” vaccines and re-injured her tiny body. The incubation period is the same in animals just as it has proven to be in humans– you never know if a vaccine will show injuries immediately or will manifest later in life as an Auto-Immune Disorder that is life threatening.

I dedicate this show to all the children and animals who have died and been permanently injured from a vaccine.

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