In Loving Memory of Maggie

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Maggie was taken from us way too soon. She passed on Friday night, April 29th, 2011.

I will always remember seeing her for the first time on the Eve of Christmas Eve, 2001, in NYC at the city shelter called the “CACC.”

She was the most perfect kitty in a cage, waiting to be rescued. I was there helping to rescue a dog, and when I saw Maggie, I knew she was a special one. I took her on Christmas Eve, after a sleepless night thinking about this beautiful spirit I had seen with big eyes and the most amazing sense of ‘everything would be alright’ about her, despite the fact that she was in a very high kill shelter!

I had intended to have her adopted, but within days of bringing her home, I knew she would be part of the family.

She was the “Top Cat” in our house, and soon became the quintessentially perfect cat who loved to sit by the fireplace, cuddle, purr, greet people at the door, and be in charge. She ruled the roost with magnificence!

She was only 11 1/2 when she was taken from us. She started to appear a bit under the weather last Summer, and the Vet we took her to in the Summer was truly negligent. No blood work, no Ultrasound… only gave her Sub-Q with vitamins and then sent us home!

Little did we know that Maggie had cancer.

Finally, in December, we took her to an excellent Veterinarian whose thorough examination and Ultrasound revealed the reason why she was having up and then down days and losing weight.

I remember crying with my husband just before Christmas as we prayed for Maggie’s recovery. I was determined to help her body in the most Holistic, Natural way possible and I promised her that I would never subject her to a scary Hospital again.

I knew that this journey was going to be a time of learning, trusting in God, and doing all of the research I could in my spare time to find natural ways to support her immune system.

She seemed to do very well with the natural methods of healing I was using, and her appetite was always very good. Her quality of life was peaceful, and she was active [though slower] and happy up until the very day she passed.

Her comfort level was the most important thing to me. I really thought we were going to make it, and when I thought that some of the modalities I was using might have been too much, I slowed down the droppers full of immune boosting herbs and vitamins. However, I now realize that I needed to be consistent and persistent in the natural therapies I had found.

So many people I have met along this journey had healed both themselves and their pets naturally. There are good, honorable people in this world who shared, graciously, incredible information with me. I am grateful to have been able to help her sustain a good quality of life with these modalities. I only wish I had known of her life threatening condition sooner so that I could have given her more natural care earlier in the journey.

Although we caught this condition at a very late stage, her passing still came as such a surprise because her last day was so perfect. She ate both Breakfast and Dinner, sat in the sun on the deck, let me groom her and brush her hair as I gave her Sub-Q and some Homeopathy, and I spent most of the day with her. It was a glorious Spring day.

View of the woods from our deck where Maggie loved to bask in the sun.

Maggie on the deck off our Master Bedroom in early Spring.

Under the Tree Christmas 2010. Our last Christmas together.

Her Daddy [my husband] had been traveling all week. He got home Friday night around 7:00 PM and saw Maggie sleeping peacefully on my bathroom floor. He had been home less than an hour when Maggie passed away with both of us present, and my husband stroking her.

When she took her last breath, the moment seemed surreal. We cried, hugged, and prayed together as she lay between us. Our Maggie, an amazing Angel whose life in our lives was such a magnificent gift from God.

Her mission to teach us the meaning of true love, loyalty, honor, and wisdom was complete.

Life feels different now. The colors of Spring are different. A piece of me is empty without her here, and I realize more than ever today the ephemeral truth of life. Such a thin veil between Life on Earth and Eternal Life.

I believe in Heaven. When you love with such great intensity as we love Maggie, you believe in Heaven, and I can only imagine the Glory that she basks in today.

Run free, our strong, brilliant Angel!

Thank you, Maggie. We will see you again. Perfect. Love.

Revelation 5:13
“And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.”

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  1. You make me want to own a bktosoore next to a mom and pop bakery. Nice imagery!

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