Save Our Wild, Beautiful Wolves From Mad Men With Cattle

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My show broadcast on WSTC/WNLK, Cox Radio on April 23, 2011 was all about saving our Wolves…. a topic that has had to be re-visited by so many for too many decades now.

You can listen to the show on the “Archives” section of this blog.

Michael Robinson of The Center for Biological Diversity was my guest to explain the urgency of all American Citizens to take action for our Wolves…. as they have been, once again, betrayed by the unrelenting lobbying efforts of the cattle/livestock industry along with the oil/gas industry.

Within the “Budget Deal” is an exploitive Rider that de-lists the Wolf from the Endangered Species Act.

This sneaky, underhanded Rider also gives the cattle industry the power it has been waiting for to legally kill our Wolves and all Wildlife as they see fit.

The bloody killing is done with reckless abandon. It is also the TAXPAYER who picks up the tab for this insanity!

Poison, aerial gunning, steel leg hold traps [so cruel they must be outlawed!], snares, and all sorts of evil methods that most of us cannot even imagine are used to kill our beloved, endangered wildlife…. and this is all in the name of cattle/beef industry back room deals so that private ranchers can utilize our PUBLIC, taxpayer, wild land to graze and ultimately destroy our environment.

Sound crazy? It really is.

And now our Wild Horses are imperiled within this “Budget Bill” as well. The very same Rider that delists our gorgeous Wolves, re-introduced just a few years ago into our national forests, NOW also gives the U.S. Government the go-ahead to continue with wasting MILLIONS of our precious tax dollars to continue with cruel “Wild Horse Round Ups.” These Wild Horses are indigenous to the North American continent and were legally protected in 1973 by Congress, so who wants to keep illegally rounding them up and putting them into muddy, crowded pens that cost the taxpayer $100,000 per day? The cattle industry. The oil/gas industry. Ken Salazar, the single most evil puppeteer for these industries and now, unthinkably, sits as Secretary of The Department of Interior. He likes the cattle and oil industries and will give them whatever they want because he is one of them.

None of this is acceptable.

Now is the time to stand up to dirty politics and the outright lies of both Republicans and Democrats who, at election time, stand behind podiums and talk about being “GREEN” and about how much they want to save the Environment!

It is time for the lip service to stop, and for action in “Going Green” to start.

It just takes some Ethics.

Stop this anguish on Earth. The aerial gunning, like this photograph shows, is one of the most heinous and evil ways to kill our wild animals.

This is taxpayer funded! Can you believe it? Outrageous. Totally insane. Un-American. Wasteful. Horrible. Wretched. Ignorant. Arrogant. Betrayal.

Be a voice NOW. Check out The Center For Biological Diversity

We need to REVERSE the parameters of the destructive Rider in the Budget Bill.

Our future on Earth is dependent upon good, honorable people rising up, standing up, and speaking up for truth and democracy.

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