Finding Honorable, Local Green Companies

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Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.— Author C.D. Jackson

All towns and cities should have “Green Zones” implemented throughout the corridors of the entire city to give people the ability to re-connect with the Earth, themselves, breathe cleaner air, and greatly improve the quality of life for everyone, including our pets and wildlife!

My show on Saturday, April 16th, was all about highlighting local, Green companies.

Finding companies that are honorable, and not “Green Washed” with advertising can be a challenge. But if you research any complaints on the internet, with your state consumer departments, and ask the right questions during your investigation, it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Your health and well being are counting on true, sustainable practices to be implemented NOW by everyone. The future is literally in question without both small and large companies AND the consumer demanding sustainable energy sources, alternative/healthier fuel sources, and the end to chemical, hormone-disrupting chemicals in our environment.

The companies I had the pleasure of having on my show were:

1.) Greenwich Avenue Car Wash– The Solar Car Wash, Stamford, CT. Owner Gregg Mercede has gone Green the right way by implementing Solar Panels, Eco-friendly cleaning supplies/soaps, radiant floor heating, and a recycled water system to save water. Way to go Gregg!

2.) Eco Maids, Stamford, CT. Owner Anthony Melillo saw a need in the home cleaning service business to offer healthier, sustainable cleaning products and methods for homeowners.

Babies, animals, and adults alike are intoxicated by the many chemicals that pollute indoor home air. So why not choose the GREEN way to get your home beautifully and safely clean? I love this company, and as long as I own a home in Greenwich, I will be a customer!

3.) Growing Solutions, Fairfield County, CT. Co-owner Paul Fujitani found a way to give his customers an Ecologically healthier lawn and garden without resorting to toxic chemicals that pollute our waterways, poison wildlife, and ultimately pollute our drinking water…

He uses a Compost Tea that Growing Solutions makes for lawns and gardens that bring the soil to a healthy PH. His company also creates Organic vegetable gardens, does hardscaping, tree servicing of all kinds, landscape design, and so much more. They are truly “full service” for Eco-minded customers and are a one-call stop.

4.) Catch A Healthy Habit Vegan Restaurant. Yeah! Finally an organic, sustainable, Vegan restaurant has come to Fairfield County! Co-owners Glenn Colello and Lisa Storch talked about their personal missions to bring healthy food to this area that also happens to be Vegan, Raw, and really yummy.

Check them out in Fairfield, CT near the train station at 39 Unquowa Road. Juices, Smoothies, Organic/Homemade desserts that are actually HEALTHY for you to eat, and so many outstanding dishes on their menu to try…. mmmm. A little bit of the “East Village” in NYC has come to town.

They also have lectures and other cool, informative events at their restaurant throughout the year.

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  1. Yes! Finally something about Pressure in the workplace.

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