Save Our Wild, Beautiful Wolves From Mad Men With Cattle

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My show broadcast on WSTC/WNLK, Cox Radio on April 23, 2011 was all about saving our Wolves…. a topic that has had to be re-visited by so many for too many decades now.

You can listen to the show on the “Archives” section of this blog.

Michael Robinson of The Center for Biological Diversity was my guest to explain the urgency of all American Citizens to take action for our Wolves…. as they have been, once again, betrayed by the unrelenting lobbying efforts of the cattle/livestock industry along with the oil/gas industry.

Within the “Budget Deal” is an exploitive Rider that de-lists the Wolf from the Endangered Species Act.

This sneaky, underhanded Rider also gives the cattle industry the power it has been waiting for to legally kill our Wolves and all Wildlife as they see fit.

The bloody killing is done with reckless abandon. It is also the TAXPAYER who picks up the tab for this insanity!

Poison, aerial gunning, steel leg hold traps [so cruel they must be outlawed!], snares, and all sorts of evil methods that most of us cannot even imagine are used to kill our beloved, endangered wildlife…. and this is all in the name of cattle/beef industry back room deals so that private ranchers can utilize our PUBLIC, taxpayer, wild land to graze and ultimately destroy our environment.

Sound crazy? It really is.

And now our Wild Horses are imperiled within this “Budget Bill” as well. The very same Rider that delists our gorgeous Wolves, re-introduced just a few years ago into our national forests, NOW also gives the U.S. Government the go-ahead to continue with wasting MILLIONS of our precious tax dollars to continue with cruel “Wild Horse Round Ups.” These Wild Horses are indigenous to the North American continent and were legally protected in 1973 by Congress, so who wants to keep illegally rounding them up and putting them into muddy, crowded pens that cost the taxpayer $100,000 per day? The cattle industry. The oil/gas industry. Ken Salazar, the single most evil puppeteer for these industries and now, unthinkably, sits as Secretary of The Department of Interior. He likes the cattle and oil industries and will give them whatever they want because he is one of them.

None of this is acceptable.

Now is the time to stand up to dirty politics and the outright lies of both Republicans and Democrats who, at election time, stand behind podiums and talk about being “GREEN” and about how much they want to save the Environment!

It is time for the lip service to stop, and for action in “Going Green” to start.

It just takes some Ethics.

Stop this anguish on Earth. The aerial gunning, like this photograph shows, is one of the most heinous and evil ways to kill our wild animals.

This is taxpayer funded! Can you believe it? Outrageous. Totally insane. Un-American. Wasteful. Horrible. Wretched. Ignorant. Arrogant. Betrayal.

Be a voice NOW. Check out The Center For Biological Diversity

We need to REVERSE the parameters of the destructive Rider in the Budget Bill.

Our future on Earth is dependent upon good, honorable people rising up, standing up, and speaking up for truth and democracy.

Finding Honorable, Local Green Companies

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Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.— Author C.D. Jackson

All towns and cities should have “Green Zones” implemented throughout the corridors of the entire city to give people the ability to re-connect with the Earth, themselves, breathe cleaner air, and greatly improve the quality of life for everyone, including our pets and wildlife!

My show on Saturday, April 16th, was all about highlighting local, Green companies.

Finding companies that are honorable, and not “Green Washed” with advertising can be a challenge. But if you research any complaints on the internet, with your state consumer departments, and ask the right questions during your investigation, it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Your health and well being are counting on true, sustainable practices to be implemented NOW by everyone. The future is literally in question without both small and large companies AND the consumer demanding sustainable energy sources, alternative/healthier fuel sources, and the end to chemical, hormone-disrupting chemicals in our environment.

The companies I had the pleasure of having on my show were:

1.) Greenwich Avenue Car Wash– The Solar Car Wash, Stamford, CT. Owner Gregg Mercede has gone Green the right way by implementing Solar Panels, Eco-friendly cleaning supplies/soaps, radiant floor heating, and a recycled water system to save water. Way to go Gregg!

2.) Eco Maids, Stamford, CT. Owner Anthony Melillo saw a need in the home cleaning service business to offer healthier, sustainable cleaning products and methods for homeowners.

Babies, animals, and adults alike are intoxicated by the many chemicals that pollute indoor home air. So why not choose the GREEN way to get your home beautifully and safely clean? I love this company, and as long as I own a home in Greenwich, I will be a customer!

3.) Growing Solutions, Fairfield County, CT. Co-owner Paul Fujitani found a way to give his customers an Ecologically healthier lawn and garden without resorting to toxic chemicals that pollute our waterways, poison wildlife, and ultimately pollute our drinking water…

He uses a Compost Tea that Growing Solutions makes for lawns and gardens that bring the soil to a healthy PH. His company also creates Organic vegetable gardens, does hardscaping, tree servicing of all kinds, landscape design, and so much more. They are truly “full service” for Eco-minded customers and are a one-call stop.

4.) Catch A Healthy Habit Vegan Restaurant. Yeah! Finally an organic, sustainable, Vegan restaurant has come to Fairfield County! Co-owners Glenn Colello and Lisa Storch talked about their personal missions to bring healthy food to this area that also happens to be Vegan, Raw, and really yummy.

Check them out in Fairfield, CT near the train station at 39 Unquowa Road. Juices, Smoothies, Organic/Homemade desserts that are actually HEALTHY for you to eat, and so many outstanding dishes on their menu to try…. mmmm. A little bit of the “East Village” in NYC has come to town.

They also have lectures and other cool, informative events at their restaurant throughout the year.

Living Consciously With The Earth + Listening To Animal Wisdom

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” — Mahatma Gandhi

My Guest on Saturday, April 9th, 2011, was Animal Communicator Maia Kincaid. You can work with Maia directly for your own Animal Companions, Wildlife in your yard, or yourself. Check out her website at

Maia believes in her practice that all good people are able to learn to effectively listen to and communicate with animals, and the natural world around them.

Why is this important? When your animal is ill or in need of your ability to communicate with him/her for any reason, your ability to intuitively know what to do is paramount to their well being, longevity, and health.

This gift of communication with other living beings, along with the natural environment that sustains you, is an awesome tool that expands your horizons and even makes an impact on your own mental and physical well being.

Intuition is spiritual. Communication with animals is spiritual. Going Green has a spirituality to it that compels good people to clean up Mother Earth and to take responsibility for innovative, healthier lifestyle choices.

If Honor were a required part of corporate business planning, it would bring cleaner energy, respect for the earth and all life IMMEDIATELY.

Our natural world is relying on every person, consumer, taxpayer, business person, mom, dad, child, politician, teacher, school, community to be a voice of Honor and reclaim our connection to the Earth. Our lives are dependent upon our taking action, and standing up for changing the paradigm of oppressive, ‘box’ thinking– and subsequent behavior of blinded, uninspired, corrupted people who put themselves into leadership positions– but continue the endless spiral of degradation of our quality of life by giving polluting and destructive corporations carte blanche to reduce this life to one of autoimmune diseases, toxic water, toxic air, toxic food, sick children, and mentally and physically unhealthy people and animals.

We need to reach back to the ancient wisdom of the Earth and save our selves by first respecting our Environment, Animals, God, Spirituality, Intuition, Truth, and our purpose for being alive.

When you seek these primary tenants for a good life, you create abundant opportunities for the most innocent among us to live freely in this world.

The broadcast of this show is now on podcast in the Archives section of this blog.

Being Conscious is a life of being Ethical, and this brings great rewards.

Fluoride and Mercury: The Great Deception

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All water, no matter how far ‘inland’ from the Ocean– every Stream, River, Brook, Lake–finds its way into every Ocean body around the world.

All life on earth is dependent upon the health of the Ocean!

So, why are we deliberately contaminating our water with highly corrosive toxins like “Fluoride” and “Lead” and the many heavy metals that are both legally and illegally dumped into the water supply??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is behind the grand fabrication that falsely promotes “Fluoridation” as being HEALTHY for teeth?

My Guest on today’s show, April 2nd, 2010, is Dr. David Kennedy. He has been a great voice in America to debunk the pathetic lie that started in 1945 to Fluoridate water… The repercussions of dumping this toxic waste have been damaged teeth, skeletal fluorosis, cancer, leukemia, brain damage, violence, thyroid disorders, kidney and liver damage…. this list is only a small sample of what the deception of Fluoridation has caused the American people, our Oceans and Marine Life AND the Economy!

Who is benefitting from dumping this toxin into the water supply? Surprisingly, the Aluminum Industry, the Pesticide/Herbicide Industry, the NUCLEAR Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and all heavy metal producing industries.

Fluoride INCREASES the uptake of Lead into the human body, as well as the living bodies of water and animals, too.

To quote Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Why has our Senate done NOTHING to stop this crazy poisoning of our water supply?

Dr. Bill Hirzy, EPA Senior Scientist, called for a “moratorium on fluoridation” as he testified before the U.S. Senate on June 29, 2000 alerting our elected officials of the dangers of water fluoridation.

Dr. Hirzy was testifying on behalf of ALL of the Scientists who have studied the dangerous impact of Fluoridation, and our very own Congress rolled over and went back to sleep! They have done NOTHING to help the American people re-gain their right to choose whether or not they will be drugged.

Fluoride is dangerous for everyone, but Dr. Kennedy reminded us that Hispanic and African heritage children are at even greater risk of serious bodily injury. Is this a deliberate act of hurting minority groups?

Dr. Kennedy told us that children have died right in the dental office chair when they were given a Fluoride ‘treatments’ and swallowed even a little of it!

Dentists are NOT Toxicologists. Most do not know anything about toxic dangers, and simply act as “tooth carpenters” as Dr. Kennedy calls them because they do not think independently for themselves and just re-iterate and copy whatever they were told in Dental School. No thought process or questioning of the ‘system’ whatsoever.

Children have also died from eating Fluoridated toothpaste at home. You could not get your child to the Hospital on time to save them if they ate even a little of toothpaste…. So vote with your buying power as a Consumer and buy ONLY non-Fluoridated tooth powder/paste/rinses that are even more effective at keeping teeth clean, naturally… and saving their developing brain cells, too!

Fluoride makes you stupid, literally. It kills brain cells and makes you PASSIVE. Both Stalin and Hitler deliberately installed this into the drinking water of their people, and the USA has been doing this to control YOU since 1945. Fluoride was never approved for water-supply dumping by the FDA. The FDA has categorized Fluoride as an ‘Unapproved Drug.’

Mercury. A horrible brain and body toxin that should have never been introduced into Dentistry. The Mercury fillings have caused unthinkable suffering to this world as it has the incredible ability to damage brain cells, alter DNA, destroy digestive enzymes and find its way into your blood [crossing the blood/brain barrier] and lodging in every cell and organ in your body…. a direct correlation has been made to all Auto-immune diseases and Mercury and heavy metal intoxication.

To get Mercury/Amalgams out of your mouth properly, you need to see a well trained dentist in Biological, Holistic Dentistry. Do yourself a service and find the RIGHT Dentist who is actually talented and skilled in the art of Dentistry. Not all Dentists who belong to a Holistic dental group are necessarily right for you are even any good…. so take the time to find the right one for you!

Mercury is so dangerous to our brains that it has been also directly linked to VIOLENCE and high crime rates in our modern society today. In fact, a study was done quite some time ago to prove how toxic Mercury was. The actual brains of convicted Felons were autopsied post-mortem, and the ONE thing that they all had in common was high Mercury poisoning! By the way, they all had many Dental Amalgams in their mouths!

To find a better Dentist, visit these sites:

It is certainly time to take back our world from the wretchedness of greed that have corrupted way too many conglomerates, elected officials, and ‘special interests’ who obviously do not care about the damage they cause to your body, your livelihood, your health, the planet, our oceans, drinking water, and our children’s futures.

Take Action.

“Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious side effects on a long range basis.” — Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the AMA.

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