Factory Farms Are Killing Our Water

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Factory Farm Toxic Waste Spill in Canada
Pig Factory Farm

When you click on the ‘Flickr’ accounts above, you will see photos of a pig factory farms.

The toxic waste that these farms daily spew into the environment, and thus, into our water ways, is typical of the abusive, polluting, heinous behavior of the entire industrial-farming industry.

In the photos, the large, rectangle buildings are stuffed with pigs living in their own filth and with no room to forage, turn around, or behave as they normally would. These animals are forced to live in crowded pens with no sunlight, grass, or anything remotely similar to their natural habitats.

The large square of dark matter in the photo is the manure pit from these pigs.

The manure is so toxic that for hundreds of miles around these factory farms, the water is contaminated.

Is this acceptable?

The unspeakable acts of animal abuse are horrifying. Why are our tax dollars, which support the EPA and the USDA, not working for humane, eco-conscious business practices in this heinous industry? Where is the voice of the majority of taxpayers, who deserve clean, safe, humane business practices?

Big-Agricultural companies have many alliances in our Government. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is the proverbial “Fox” in the Henhouse! He IS Big-Agriculture and promotes such factory farms and Genetically Modified Organisms, and laboratory chemicals that damage our waterways — but reap big profits for the big agriculture companies– and it is all just the way it should be according to such corruption.

Today, just buying “Organic” in any supermarket can now unintentionally support the mega-agriculture polluters and GMO Charlatans.

Check out this chart created by Phil Howard, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University:

This chart demonstrates that the consumer must buy LOCAL, SMALL FARM produce and other food items from what is called “CSA’s” or Community Supported Agriculture groups.

It’s easy and fun. Going DIRECT to the small, local, sustainable farmer will do everything to keep these big agri-businesses out of your life. Just search the internet for Farmer’s Markets in your area, and for CSA groups that either deliver direct to your door or have a community program to bring great, homegrown, sustainable food directly to the consumer.

The processed food companies hide under the ‘radar’ and re-disguise themselves as ‘Mom and Pop’ companies that are wholesome and Organic… they just want a piece of the action in the lucrative Organic marketplace… that is all.

With the large chemical/agricultural companies, NO intention to do the right thing by the environment, our waterways, our bodies, our entire eco-system is behind the acquisitions and alliances with ‘Organic’ companies that have sold-out.

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