Horrible and Unacceptable: 3 German Shepherds Starved to Death

March 4, 2011 at 9:05 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

In Pennsylvania, a sadistic, worthless piece of garbage of a lost soul named Peter Zervas knowingly and wantonly put several pure-bred German Shepherds into a Dungeon [literally looked like a prison with the steel bars, dirt floor, etc.] and NEVER fed them, or gave them water for MORE THAN A MONTH. The innocent, intelligent animals were left to die a horrible, slow, painful, agonizing death of starvation and dehydration in that dungeon.

The photos I saw were riveting and beyond anything I could ever imagine.

Three of the German Shepherds starved to death.

One German Shepherd, in his weak and frail state, was able to somehow, by a MIRACLE, scratch is way out of a tiny hole and run for help to a neighbor. This amazing Shepherd was named “Hero” because, like TV’s “Lassie,” he was able to communicate to the neighbor he found that there were others who needed help.

By the time rescue found this dungeon, the three dogs had perished but a few others were still barely alive.

All rescued dogs are being treated for their neglect and abuse at a local Vet.

This is a heinous, egregious, horrifying crime that makes no sense whatsoever.

This evil lost soul should be given the death penalty for this mass starvation and cruelty!

The abuser faces 10 counts of animal cruelty.

Please send an IMMEDIATE post card/letter to the Judge, who will be sentencing this Pennsylvania Hitler on March 30th:

Please write:
Judge Whitesell
PO Box 213
Mountainhome, PA 18342

Please take the time to be a VOICE for these innocent German Shepherds who died alone, in agony, in filth, in a dungeon with no one to hear their cries for help.

By being a voice in this case, you may be sparing others from such horrific wretchedness.

Thank you.

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