It’s All In Your Head! Dental Wellness = Total Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness

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My last interview on WGCH Radio this year was with Dr. Larry Lytle, the inventor of the AMAZING Q1000 Cold Light Laser.

If you want to take control of your life economically, mentally, spiritually, and physically, you need to start with arming yourself with the right, correctly-gathered education from the right resources.

One of the greatest teachers today for holistic, WHOLE health is Dr. Larry Lytle. He teaches how to save your money, time, and ultimately your life by learning the foundation of homeostasis for yourself.

Relying on conventional doctors for your information, and for your life energy is a very foolish gamble to take. Most doctors, including many “holistic” ones [who advertise as natural-based practitioners, but use this only as a decoy to get new and high end clients] are not well educated when it comes to achieving true wellness and are not able to help you find the level of ultimate homeostasis you deserve in life.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.“– Marcus Aurelius

Most people, including Doctors and MOST Dentists, do not know the simple fact that what goes into your mouth and HOW your jaw-to-skull relationship works together has everything to do with your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Dr. Larry Lytle’s extraordinary research on the height of your back teeth having a direct influence on how your thyroid, adrenals, emotions, mental clarity and the health of the entire immune system and homeostasis of the body has brought the much-needed answers to millions of people and thousands of practitioners around the world.

Dr. Lytle’s protocol can be found in his four books and his informative Web Site:

To reach Dr. Lytle’s office for the Q Laser and for his books, you can call: 1.866.375.9853

His four books on achieving healing:

“Innate Wisdom”
“Energy Transcendence”
“Healing Light”
“Universal Healer”

Why do so many dentists, including ‘holistic’ ones, miss this important information in their own practices? They are simply not taught in dental school anything about the top and bottom teeth needing to have total proprioception.

Most dentists look at me blankly when I try to talk about this subject, and they even start to dismiss the entire concept when I start in on the subject of DENTAL MATERIALS and how MOST ALL DENTAL FILLINGS, CROWNS, ROOT CANAL AND ADHESIVE MATERIALS HAVE HEAVY METALS [such as Aluminum] and, horrifyingly, contain the hormone disrupting Bisphenol A.

The very substance that has been banned in baby bottles, and highly debated to be banned from other consumer products, is put into your mouth and is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…. for many years at a time.

The Bisphenol A and metals are found in EVERY major brand of ‘white’ or ‘composite’ fillings!

So, just when the tide has finally turned to get the Amalgam-Mercury fillings taken out and avoided all together, your friendly dentist [including MOST ‘holistic’ dentists] are replacing your fillings with another toxin: Bisphenol A.

Wow. Unthinkable. Even worse is that when I have confronted several Dentists on this matter, they simply ignore me. The same ignorance that does not want to know about how your teeth fit together have a direct impact on your health is the same culprit behind installing into your mouth heavy metals like the mind-altering, immune damaging, nervous system destroying Mercury and the hormone disrupting Bisphenol A.

Name one dental company…. Their products have Bisphenol A!

Dangerous beyond description on paper.

The only products you should allow into your mouth from this day forward:

1.) Zinc Oxide

2.) Zinc Phosphate

3.) Diamond Crown [DRM Labs]. Composite fillings, crowns, Lactic Acid Etch material [but NOT the Adhesives].

4.) Lactic Acid or pumice for ‘etching’ teeth prior to installing a filling.
Do NOT allow any other etchant to be used. They all are dangerous, hurt the tooth, and contain either phosphoric acid [highly damaging and can seriously hurt and even kill the tooth] or Bisphenol A.

5.) Speiko [only available in Europe and Asia. Ironically, this amazing company is not available in the USA.] A result of dental politics, perhaps?

6.) Amorphous Calcium Phosphate. Premier Labs makes a tooth cleaner for Dentists that contains this re-calcifying mineral. Make sure you request the NON-fluoride version and also the most non-abrasive version.

7.) The Waterlase laser. Do not work with a Dentist who does not have this laser, and who is not any less than excellent with precision and skill. SKILLED Dentists are very difficult to find. Take the time to research, interview, and set high standards for yourself.

8.) Find a Dentist who has additional training as a Prosthodontist. A General Dentist is simply not good enough. My own experiences have proven this fact repeatedly. The same is true with anything related to Cosmetic Dentistry. You may have to have more than one Dentist, but life is too short to be injured, harmed, and subjected to less than what you deserve.

9.) Get the Q 1000 Laser! I use this Laser everyday. It is so powerful and will have a profound affect on your well being.

10.) Understand how every tooth is directly related to Organs in your body. Get a Chinese tooth meridian chart. Learn about your body, and take 100% control of your life.

11.) Don’t use toothpaste! Yes, that is what I just said! Toothpaste leaves a sticky film on your mouth that actually creates the perfect environment for cavities! Instead, use a product that I highly recommend called “Tooth Soap.” You can find this product at and these other highly effective products for dental cleaning: Glacial Blue Tooth Oil by, and Eco-Dent Products at [also available at Whole Foods and other natural retailers]. and plain Baking Soda [Bob’s Red Mill brand] and hydrogen peroxide!

12.) Food Choices. The most important daily choice you have is choosing what you put into your body. Whether it be with dental materials, your food, your spirit, your mind, your thoughts….. all are part of making daily choices to be 100% pure of body and mind.

It has been an honor to learn from Dr. Lytle, and to have such wisdom given to my listeners within a 1/2 hour conversation!

The very concept of the back teeth, when too short, causing distress on the front teeth, which stimulates stress and subsequent tightening of the muscles and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system distress is brilliant.

I thank all of my Colleagues at WGCH Radio for a great year in Radio Broadcasting…. We have had so much fun, and the incredible guests that I have had on my show are people whom I am honored to have met, interviewed, and learned from…. Thank you.

Merry Christmas, and may God Bless our animals, innocent children, and may He protect our natural world and its resources this new year.

Check out my blog to see the dates for my show in 2011!

Blessings, love, light, and peace.

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