It’s All In Your Head! Dental Wellness = Total Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness

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My last interview on WGCH Radio this year was with Dr. Larry Lytle, the inventor of the AMAZING Q1000 Cold Light Laser.

If you want to take control of your life economically, mentally, spiritually, and physically, you need to start with arming yourself with the right, correctly-gathered education from the right resources.

One of the greatest teachers today for holistic, WHOLE health is Dr. Larry Lytle. He teaches how to save your money, time, and ultimately your life by learning the foundation of homeostasis for yourself.

Relying on conventional doctors for your information, and for your life energy is a very foolish gamble to take. Most doctors, including many “holistic” ones [who advertise as natural-based practitioners, but use this only as a decoy to get new and high end clients] are not well educated when it comes to achieving true wellness and are not able to help you find the level of ultimate homeostasis you deserve in life.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.“– Marcus Aurelius

Most people, including Doctors and MOST Dentists, do not know the simple fact that what goes into your mouth and HOW your jaw-to-skull relationship works together has everything to do with your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Dr. Larry Lytle’s extraordinary research on the height of your back teeth having a direct influence on how your thyroid, adrenals, emotions, mental clarity and the health of the entire immune system and homeostasis of the body has brought the much-needed answers to millions of people and thousands of practitioners around the world.

Dr. Lytle’s protocol can be found in his four books and his informative Web Site:

To reach Dr. Lytle’s office for the Q Laser and for his books, you can call: 1.866.375.9853

His four books on achieving healing:

“Innate Wisdom”
“Energy Transcendence”
“Healing Light”
“Universal Healer”

Why do so many dentists, including ‘holistic’ ones, miss this important information in their own practices? They are simply not taught in dental school anything about the top and bottom teeth needing to have total proprioception.

Most dentists look at me blankly when I try to talk about this subject, and they even start to dismiss the entire concept when I start in on the subject of DENTAL MATERIALS and how MOST ALL DENTAL FILLINGS, CROWNS, ROOT CANAL AND ADHESIVE MATERIALS HAVE HEAVY METALS [such as Aluminum] and, horrifyingly, contain the hormone disrupting Bisphenol A.

The very substance that has been banned in baby bottles, and highly debated to be banned from other consumer products, is put into your mouth and is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…. for many years at a time.

The Bisphenol A and metals are found in EVERY major brand of ‘white’ or ‘composite’ fillings!

So, just when the tide has finally turned to get the Amalgam-Mercury fillings taken out and avoided all together, your friendly dentist [including MOST ‘holistic’ dentists] are replacing your fillings with another toxin: Bisphenol A.

Wow. Unthinkable. Even worse is that when I have confronted several Dentists on this matter, they simply ignore me. The same ignorance that does not want to know about how your teeth fit together have a direct impact on your health is the same culprit behind installing into your mouth heavy metals like the mind-altering, immune damaging, nervous system destroying Mercury and the hormone disrupting Bisphenol A.

Name one dental company…. Their products have Bisphenol A!

Dangerous beyond description on paper.

The only products you should allow into your mouth from this day forward:

1.) Zinc Oxide

2.) Zinc Phosphate

3.) Diamond Crown [DRM Labs]. Composite fillings, crowns, Lactic Acid Etch material [but NOT the Adhesives].

4.) Lactic Acid or pumice for ‘etching’ teeth prior to installing a filling.
Do NOT allow any other etchant to be used. They all are dangerous, hurt the tooth, and contain either phosphoric acid [highly damaging and can seriously hurt and even kill the tooth] or Bisphenol A.

5.) Speiko [only available in Europe and Asia. Ironically, this amazing company is not available in the USA.] A result of dental politics, perhaps?

6.) Amorphous Calcium Phosphate. Premier Labs makes a tooth cleaner for Dentists that contains this re-calcifying mineral. Make sure you request the NON-fluoride version and also the most non-abrasive version.

7.) The Waterlase laser. Do not work with a Dentist who does not have this laser, and who is not any less than excellent with precision and skill. SKILLED Dentists are very difficult to find. Take the time to research, interview, and set high standards for yourself.

8.) Find a Dentist who has additional training as a Prosthodontist. A General Dentist is simply not good enough. My own experiences have proven this fact repeatedly. The same is true with anything related to Cosmetic Dentistry. You may have to have more than one Dentist, but life is too short to be injured, harmed, and subjected to less than what you deserve.

9.) Get the Q 1000 Laser! I use this Laser everyday. It is so powerful and will have a profound affect on your well being.

10.) Understand how every tooth is directly related to Organs in your body. Get a Chinese tooth meridian chart. Learn about your body, and take 100% control of your life.

11.) Don’t use toothpaste! Yes, that is what I just said! Toothpaste leaves a sticky film on your mouth that actually creates the perfect environment for cavities! Instead, use a product that I highly recommend called “Tooth Soap.” You can find this product at and these other highly effective products for dental cleaning: Glacial Blue Tooth Oil by, and Eco-Dent Products at [also available at Whole Foods and other natural retailers]. and plain Baking Soda [Bob’s Red Mill brand] and hydrogen peroxide!

12.) Food Choices. The most important daily choice you have is choosing what you put into your body. Whether it be with dental materials, your food, your spirit, your mind, your thoughts….. all are part of making daily choices to be 100% pure of body and mind.

It has been an honor to learn from Dr. Lytle, and to have such wisdom given to my listeners within a 1/2 hour conversation!

The very concept of the back teeth, when too short, causing distress on the front teeth, which stimulates stress and subsequent tightening of the muscles and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system distress is brilliant.

I thank all of my Colleagues at WGCH Radio for a great year in Radio Broadcasting…. We have had so much fun, and the incredible guests that I have had on my show are people whom I am honored to have met, interviewed, and learned from…. Thank you.

Merry Christmas, and may God Bless our animals, innocent children, and may He protect our natural world and its resources this new year.

Check out my blog to see the dates for my show in 2011!

Blessings, love, light, and peace.

Home Renovation 101: Buyer Beware!

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My interview on December 6th, 2010, with Home Builder Derek Tacon, owner of Weed and Duryea Home Services in New Canaan, CT, is one of several radio interviews that I have had this year with good people who are trying to bring enlightenment to every homeowner every where in America….

Buyer Beware! There are lots and lots of ‘bad guys’ in the home renovation/home building industry who are thieves, con men, sociopathic, and lurking on every corner.

Many appear to be “nice” in person, even personable and talk like they truly care about you, your home project, and your money…. Appearances are very deceiving in the home building industry.

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”— Spencer Johnson

Most ‘builders’ are not living their lives with integrity, and they will bring you into a co-dependent relationship with them if given the chance.

Consumers need to fight back. Our consumer laws are being ignored by every State and the bad people who call themselves home builders are more than willing to take your money, damage your home, get over their heads, and leave you with the mess.

My goal in having these shows on building/renovations and HOW to hire and fire a builder/contractor are hopefully opening the door to more awareness in our legal system, and finally, ACTION against this national disgrace.

Derek gave some great points on what to be very careful of when you are building, remodeling, looking for a contractor for anything [even for landscape work]:

1.) You, the consumer, need to be armed with information– THOROUGHLY RESEARCH prospective contractors way, way beyond what your neighbors/friends say and certainly way beyond looking at the BBB and even your State Department of Consumer Protection.
You need to search the internet, physically LOOK at the work that was JUST COMPLETED by this contractor, ignore the list of “References” given by any contractor– often, they are bogus.

2.) Meet with a minimum of three or four different contractors who are qualified to complete the job both on time and with expertise.
The key word is QUALIFIED here. Again, the very beginning is the time to put the onus on yourself to totally research each and every person who walks onto your property to give you a bid on any home project.

3.) NEVER pay up-front with a “Deposit” of any kind. Derek reminded us to think this through: If a contractor claims he needs to buy “materials” with your deposit, then he has NO CREDIT line with his creditors, and is NOT qualified to work with you. He will hit you up for more money up-front as time goes on, and you will ALWAYS be left with the mess and expense in the end. You don’t want to get entangled with a contractor who has too much of your money, and you are in a position without any leverage.

4.) What if it is a big job, say SIX or SEVEN figures in overall scope, and the Builder says he needs a 10% Deposit for “Mobilization” and “Materials.” You just say, “NO” to this scam. The “mobilization” should have taken place by this con-man a long time ago if he is at all legitimate. And again, the stupidity of demanding a client pay for materials up front in cash [checks are cash] is criminal behavior that is designed to entrap you.

5.) What if you are already uneasy about a contractor who is currently at your home? STOP THE PROJECT. PERIOD. You do not need to give an explanation, and get the Police to escort the bad guy[s] OFF your premises if anyone refuses to leave your property. Take this important juncture to have at least three or four contractors who are qualified look at the work under progress. Evaluate whether or not you have over-paid for negligent workmanship, or for work not done yet. This is not a time to be idle, or even to engage in “negotiating” with the person you just asked to leave the job. Be aware of the psychology that will be played with your brain at this time…. bad contractors are almost always previous criminals who know how to dodge the legal system and have no where else to make a living given their past criminal record.

6.) Bad Builders, contractors, and anyone else in the remodeling industry bring BAD sub-contractors and bring their personal chaos, irresponsible behavior, and desperation into your life. They bog you down. Look at the sub-contractors. What is THEIR past work like? How long have they been doing business with the Builder? You must insist on doing the SAME level of scrutiny on the sub-contractors as you do for any Builder.

7.) When they screw up, do they take responsibility? Do they make high end repairs timely and respectfully? A bad builder will argue with you. They will turn the tables on you and psychologically try to break you, confuse you, and BLAME you– the ultimate victim. Does the contractor try to weasel out of any repairs? If they have been paid up-front or too much, they will never come back to take responsibility. Again, responsible behavior is not something a bad builder bothers to think about. You are just an ATM machine to them. You will start to feel uneasy, but the intuition that most of us SHOULD be using will be ‘played with’ psychologically. Be aware, be careful, and take action that protects you. Stop everything.

8.) Attorneys are very good when they are qualified to help you. The time you need a qualified Construction Attorney is BEFORE you start any major project. You make the contract with your attorney, and do not accept a contract written exclusively by the ‘builder’ who has most likely made everything in his own favor. However, Attorneys are just another source of money-drain to you when they are NOT qualified [yet say they are] and have little to no experience with construction matters, and are called upon AFTER the construction has started and you are in the middle of a mess. You are very vulnerable at this time. Again, if you find yourself in a situation like this: Don’t panic, and don’t make blinded choices chasing after anyone who SAYS they will help you. Understand you are a flashing-sign of vulnerability, and take very methodical, careful, and well researched steps to finding the RIGHT Attorney for you. There are many Construction Attorney practices in many cities around the U.S.

9.) Have the courage to say NO. You have the right to say no to anything. Don’t be intimidated by anyone.

10.) Be careful of white collar professionals you hire, too. It’s not just the dishonest Attorneys who will drain you of money and time, it is also the dishonest/bad Engineers, Architects, Designers, etc. …….
DO NOT be bamboozled into believing that just because someone has a lot of Advertising/PR maneuvering in the media or with trade organizations, that they are any good. Often times, you will find yourself SHOCKED to see the evil intentions [getting your money for unqualified or no work on your behalf]. I personally have experienced this and it has to be the most horrifying betrayal of all when you are attempting to have a home build go smoothly.

And HOW do you “Build Green” when so many [way too many] contractors have NO experience with anything remotely “Green” and certainly no sensitivity to our environmental responsibilities?

1.) Educate yourself. One of the best places to start is with an organization that is a think-tank for everything related to Green Building: BuildingGreen, Inc., located in Brattleboro, VT. Check them out at And get their “Green Spec Guide.” They publish it every year, and it is THE REFERENCE BOOK for everything eco-friendly!

2.) Colorado native David Johnston has several great books… get one. He knows his stuff! He might even be available for consulting with your Architect, etc. David Johnston\'s \"What\'s Working.\"

3.) Before you start anything, read at least ONE of these amazingly informative and eye-opening books:

“The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout, Ph.D.

“Without Conscience: The Disturbing World Of Psychopaths Among Us.” by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

“Games Criminals Play: How You Can Profit By Knowing Them.” by Bud Allen and Diana Bosta

“In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People.” by George K. Simon, Jr., Ph.D.

4.) Anyone, ANYONE– Builder, Architect, Engineer, person walking by, etc.– who says that “building with wood or “stick framing” is okay and remotely ‘Green’ is an idiot. Get away from such an ignorant person immediately. Sorry, our Forests [particularly the Doug Fir that is used for ‘stick’ framing] are disappearing at such a high rate that the deforestation is causing water tables to drop and to disappear altogether. When you deforest, you also cause droughts because the water will disappear, too. Let’s also look at the wretched behavior of the Forest/logging companies: Did you know that they are legally walking into our forests and shooting down any native animal that happens to be in the forest at the time and ‘in the way?’ It is totally despicable.

The above photo of stick framing is something everyone needs to avoid. It is NOT sustainable.

Instead, use ICF’s [Insulated Concrete Forms] and SIP’s [Structural Insulated Panels.] The other option is to use recycled and recyclable steel framing. There are so many choices that are eco-friendly, so never settle.

You have to have a healthy skepticism towards anyone who is recommended, or anyone that you find on your own to do any home building, renovations, etc.

Your time is valuable. You are valuable. Don’t let anyone into your home too eagerly and certainly take the time to have your own “Discovery” of who is qualified and ethical enough to walk into your life.

True Love + Marriage

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“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make. Not just on your wedding day, but over and over again. And the choice reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.”
— Barbara De Angelis

My interview with Angela Paul on November 29th on finding love, and having a happy marriage [or just having happy relationships in life] was a discussion that more people need to have…. honestly.

What do you look for in a partner? How do you know you have true love? Where do you find the right one?

The first person you need to be honest with and to evaluate is yourself. What were your past relationships like and is there a pattern in choosing the same “type” of person without realizing your self-sabotaging pattern?

My radio interview with Angela encompassed some big, ethereal subjects within the Marriage theme, but what I walked away with from this conversation is the following:

1.) Make a list of your Values
2.) What is your outlook on life? Write it down.
3.) What qualities are most important to you?
4.) What qualities do you have and what do you bring to a relationship?
5.) Are you willing to welcome a person who is different from yourself? What specifically would you NOT want? What differences would be interesting and even fun to have in your life?
6.) Spiritual Foundations are the strongest. What do you believe?
7.) Romance Ebbs and Flows in all good, long-term relationships. What steps will you take in this forthcoming relationship to be totally authentic, grounded, honest?

8.) What did you learn from your past mistakes and even the bad experiences?
9.) Are you seeking your personal best for your life? How do you treat service people and the person who makes your coffee at Starbucks? How do you treat animals, the elderly…. do you care about others and their well being? This is a keystone question. If you are respectful to others around you in your daily life, chances you are you are ready to have a good relationship.
10.) What were the role models you witnessed as a child? What was right or wrong with what you may have learned by watching/being subjected to as you developed into an adult? Recognize what you need to do an ‘about face’ with in your life…. this is so key to finding happiness within yourself first.

Another important point that Angela made was to NEVER settle! Don’t settle for the disrespectful, ‘wandering-eye’ Wimp who makes you feel far less than anybody should ever feel!

Denying yourself laughter, fun, and compatible companionship in life is like denying yourself from great food, beautiful flowers, sunsets, great movies…. you get the picture.

DON’T SETTLE for anyone who hurts you, no matter how trivial it may be downplayed…. the insults add up and will drag you down [and not to mention waste your time– which you can never get back!]

There is OPPORTUNITY after every parting of the ways…. The same character in the Chinese language for “Danger” is “Opportunity.” Rather than being fearful of being alone, celebrate it and take advantage of this time in your life to get your priorities straight and to improve yourself…. There’s so much to look forward to when you see the opportunity in transition.

Learn from past mistakes. This cannot be repeated enough. Write down what you learned. There’s something incredible that happens when you write down your thoughts, and then take action.

When you do find your soul mate, don’t lose yourself in the relationship! Keep your own identity, individuality, outlook, personal legend.

Angela reminds us that you need time apart when you are in a marriage. This is healthy!

A few years ago, I studied overseas for a few months while my husband was in New York working and taking care of our home. It was a very pivotal time of growth for me…. I then went traveling to Scotland by myself during this time and had something to be grateful for when I returned home.

Time apart is good, and even necessary to a great relationship.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to talk about this very big topic with Angela. I will certainly have her back in the future to continue our on-air discussion… There is so much that I was reminded of when it comes to living with honor and designing the life that only I can navigate.

Love is one of life’s greatest gifts. I cherish it.

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