Smart But Feeling Dumb? ADD, ADHD, Math Dyslexia, and Reading Dyslexia are curable, and Dr. Harold Levinson tells us how in his new book….

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My interview with Dr. Harold Levinson is divided into two parts:
Part I: Broadcast on November 1, 2010: Children and how to identify and cure Dyslexia.
Part II: Broadcast on November 8, 2010: Adults and how Dyslexia manifests itself in the adult mind.

Dyslexia is curable.

Everyone has got to read Dr. Levinson’s fascinating, eye-opening new book entitled, “Smart But Feeling Dumb: New Understanding and Dramatic Treatment for Dyslexia.”

My quote for the day:
“Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.”
— Confucious

Dr. Levinson points out that the traditional diagnoses and treatment for Dyslexia is incomplete and is reduced to being marginalized as a “psychological problem.” This is wrong, and totally ignorant on the part of the current medical researchers [who primarily work for big pharma.]

Dr. Levinson has brought some light to this disability that he discovered is caused from an INNER EAR INFECTION!

Dr. Levinson has helped over 35,000 people, both adults and children since his discovery and subsequent protocol he gives to help the body heal itself.

Way too many children are shuffled off to the sidelines in our public school systems because they are having difficulty reading or with math… they have Dyslexia.

This should never be a handicap, but most children are left to feel dumb and grow up into insecure adults who feel inadequate, and are unable to live up to their full potential in their lives on this earth.

This is an avoidable tragedy, and I believe that Dr. Levinson’s important work will set millions of people and families free from this bondage.

Too many kids are given toxic drugs to curb what is now labeled as ADHD, ADD or any other new term the ‘researchers’ can come up with….

I love the fact that curing an ear infection, whether you realize you have it or not, is the KEY to being cured!

“For the very first time, there is now medical help for a series of distinct major processing disorders in which Dr. Levinson discovered the often coexisting but hidden ‘minor’ presence of dyslexic or inner-ear/cerebellar-determined signal scrambling symptoms. These major disorders include mental retardation and Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and autism.”— Intro from Smart But Feeling Dumb.

Concentration, and the ability to understand facts and remember and apply information, is from having a balanced INNER EAR! What a discovery!

According to Dr. Levinson, if one or more of the following symptoms are evident, dyslexia may be present:

Spelling, Math, Memory, Grammar
Direction issues
Time issues [always late, for example]
Concentration and Activity [ADD or ADHD]
Balance and Coordination
Phobias and Related Mental Disorders
Difficulties driving
Can’t keep a job
NO Focus
Fear of Heights
Fear of driving over a bridge
Feelings of inferiority, stupidity, ugliness, clumsiness
Obsessive Compulsive behavior
Mood disturbances
Fears of the dark, heights, getting lost, going to school, anything new
Fear and avoidance of various balance, coordination, sports and motion-related activities
Fear of planes, tunnels, crowds, subways, losing control, open spaces, elevators, department stores
Headaches, stomachaches, nausea, excessive fatigue, memory difficulties, and other ‘psychosomatic symptoms.’
Motion sickness and dizziness

“If any of the above symptoms is present, your phobias and related emotional physical disturbances may be due to the same inner-ear dysfunction as that which I have discovered to cause symptoms of dyslexia in children.”

Adults suffer from these nebulous symptoms and spend enormous amounts of personal finances and energy to get help when they are shuffled from one “specialist” to the next with no cure in sight. The frustration and humiliation from this alone is enough to make most people give up and just live with this dysfunction.

But there is a cure!

You are smart, and you can be competitive…. the inner ear is the key issue to what was holding you back from reaching your full potential. Now you can fight back, and win!

My second quote for the day:

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Visit Dr. Levinson’s web site:

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  1. I have Dyslexia and think I have ADD as well as Dyscalculia and even Dyspraxia. My whole life is a blur of muddled letters feeling stupid and bunking off school Im going to buy this book and see if it helps x

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