Please Adopt A Pet…

July 11, 2010 at 1:17 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

There are millions of cats, dogs, and even exotic pets who need adoption and are waiting, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, for a good home.

DO NOT BUY a pet from a “Breeder!” Breeders are irresponsible, and are adding to the overpopulation problem…. and even worse, they dump their surplus animals [like trash] at the local Shelter!

Thanks to Northwind Kennels in Bedford, New York, and to Adopt-A-Dog in Bedford, NY and Greenwich, CT for helping me with the RESCUE of 3 dogs and 4 kittens that would have been EXECUTED [or the polite term is ‘euthanized’] in a horrible Shelter in Virginia.

A VERY Special Thanks to Jerry Sica, the Volunteer Pilot with “Pilots ‘n Paws” who took the incredible time to fly to Richmond, Virginia, on a FRIDAY night to rescue these sweet angels!

The three dogs are up for adoption at Northwind Kennels. I am fostering the four cutie-pie kittens who are so amazingly gorgeous that I am overwhelmed whenever I hold one of them and tell them how they were valiantly rescued by a team of good people!


Northwind Kennels
Telephone: 914.234.3771
Ask about “Suzi,” “Shelby,” and “Bo” [Mr. Bojangles].

Cute, sweet, love kids, cats, and other dogs.

Telephone: 203.629.9494

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