Becoming A Genius

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What is the Myelin Sheath?

Albert Einstein had more of it than anyone else…. can you get it for your brain and will it make you smarter?

My interview with Author Daniel Coyle about his book, “The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How,” on June 28th, uncovers the mystery behind genius and the making of Genius.

The Myelin Sheath is what makes you smarter, better, faster, accurate, more intelligent, gives you better memory, and even helps you organize your life and focus.

Daniel Coyle travelled around the world in 2006 to visit what he calls “Chicken Wire Harvards” that produce some of the greatest athletes, musicians, top thinkers and what we would call “Geniuses.”

When you practice LEARNING something new, and then use slow, repetitive motions [actions] to perfect the skill…. you are building your Myelin Sheath!

“Use IT or lose it!” should be the motto here. What Daniel Coyle discovered that all of these hotbeds of talent had in common was the value of making mistakes in practice, then learning from them, and then going back and SLOWLY repeating the correct motion, pattern, etc., BEFORE practicing speed.

Mistakes are a valuable part of the process. They help you to literally build your brain power by building the Myelin Sheath when you re-trace yourself, learn from the mistake, and then replace the mistake with the correct action, thought pattern, etc.

Daniel interviewed everyone from Skateboard champions, Brazilian Soccer Star trainers, a Voice Coach who has produced several pop stars, An infamous Tennis Camp in Russia, and Musicians and Researchers in the subject….

The great message that I took from this amazing [MUST READ] Book is that you, the individual, must focus on what you are good at and what you are PASSIONATE ABOUT. Then, the practice you give to the honing of the skill you desire should be repetitive, mindful, focused, and one that puts you into the “Zone” of deep concentration.

The TIME you put into practice daily is less important than the focus, and the repetitive, slow-motion learning of the skill before you bring speed to the skill.

“Excellence is a Habit.” — Aristotle

Yes, you can be a Genius. Build your Myelin Sheath.

Reading, learning something new, being challenged physically and mentally ALL build Myelin.

Find your passion. Focus on IT deeply and live, breathe, be better at this passion by making the time to learn it well.

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