Do You Want Freedom For Our Wildlife? Do You Want Our Natural World Protected?

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I Do.

Stop the illegal, outrageously heinous, cruel, inhumane, murderous and treacherous killing machines in The Department of Interior.

The Bureau of Land Management [and the MMS- Mineral mis-Management Service] are RUN by The Department of Interior!

Stop the corruption that Secretary of the DOI, Ken Salazar, has drowned our voices of Conservation with… the Taxpayer is ignored under Obama’s pick for one of the most important Cabinet positions in our Land.

Wild Horses Murdered With Taxpayer Money

How Many Die Before Obama Cares?

Click here to save our Wild Horses @

These Foals died an agonizing death. We have to help save our planet’s Wildlife.

Is this acceptable?

Who, amongst our elected officials, cares to look at this horrific destruction of our innocent life on this earth?

Freedom. Speak out now, as the current Administration does not want you to think, react, take action, be independent, to care, to learn more, to demand more, or to know anything about this atrocity.

Take Action. Now.

Aria Hahn: The Astral Light Journeys

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“We won’t have a Society if we destroy the environment.”– Margaret Mead

“We surmise the gravitational pull of the of the planet’s rock draws upon UniSpaceal solvent particles which change to mineral and then to eternal sources of many planetary liquids. The most valuable of all being water… It’s hardened crystallized ice like form is the solid which holds the planet together. If it were instantly to heat millions of degrees, the planet would react, bursting apart.”– Aria Hahn, by J.M. Carnright

My interview on June 21, 2010 with Author and Environmentalist J.M. Carnright was invigorating, lively, and one that I believe all people around the world are having around kitchen tables, and in the every community event.

We have to save our planet from “special interests” that have literally raped our natural resources. This rape is at the expense of our health, our future wealth, our wildlife, our natural beauty in our God-given Garden, and to all life on earth.

Why both “Free” Societal Governments [don’t really exist anymore– Do we really live in freedom in America?] and Socialist, Communist Governments allow dirty, polluting, destructive, and greedy Industrialists to destroy our last remaining natural waterways, mountains, air, food, and all life– without holding these Rapists accountable for their heinous crimes– is beneath contempt.

The innocent taxpayer, the consumer is left with the bill to clean up the disaster areas that these greedy, yet politically “connected” conglomerates, have stuck us with.

Who is really going to pay for this oil disaster? Is there ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY that can make it right for a poisoned, dead ocean and toxic water?

The Oil Slick From Space

Something to think about.

The Book, “Aria Hahn” gives the intelligent, inquisitive reader a Sci-Fi glimpse at what could happen if we don’t roll up our sleeves, REVOLT, and Take Back our land, sea, waterways, air, consumer products, food choices, herbal and natural health choices, our children, animal companions, our wildlife, our wilderness, our homesteads.

Where do we go from here?

A perfect stranger said to me in passing today that he thinks we, as humans, have finally reached the end. The final days are here.

Really something to think about when you daydream of the white picket fence, and ignore signs, the call to action, and the incredible, urgent need to think independently and start a revolution.

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