Do You Want Freedom For Our Wildlife? Do You Want Our Natural World Protected?

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I Do.

Stop the illegal, outrageously heinous, cruel, inhumane, murderous and treacherous killing machines in The Department of Interior.

The Bureau of Land Management [and the MMS- Mineral mis-Management Service] are RUN by The Department of Interior!

Stop the corruption that Secretary of the DOI, Ken Salazar, has drowned our voices of Conservation with… the Taxpayer is ignored under Obama’s pick for one of the most important Cabinet positions in our Land.

Wild Horses Murdered With Taxpayer Money

How Many Die Before Obama Cares?

Click here to save our Wild Horses @

These Foals died an agonizing death. We have to help save our planet’s Wildlife.

Is this acceptable?

Who, amongst our elected officials, cares to look at this horrific destruction of our innocent life on this earth?

Freedom. Speak out now, as the current Administration does not want you to think, react, take action, be independent, to care, to learn more, to demand more, or to know anything about this atrocity.

Take Action. Now.

Aria Hahn: The Astral Light Journeys

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“We won’t have a Society if we destroy the environment.”– Margaret Mead

“We surmise the gravitational pull of the of the planet’s rock draws upon UniSpaceal solvent particles which change to mineral and then to eternal sources of many planetary liquids. The most valuable of all being water… It’s hardened crystallized ice like form is the solid which holds the planet together. If it were instantly to heat millions of degrees, the planet would react, bursting apart.”– Aria Hahn, by J.M. Carnright

My interview on June 21, 2010 with Author and Environmentalist J.M. Carnright was invigorating, lively, and one that I believe all people around the world are having around kitchen tables, and in the every community event.

We have to save our planet from “special interests” that have literally raped our natural resources. This rape is at the expense of our health, our future wealth, our wildlife, our natural beauty in our God-given Garden, and to all life on earth.

Why both “Free” Societal Governments [don’t really exist anymore– Do we really live in freedom in America?] and Socialist, Communist Governments allow dirty, polluting, destructive, and greedy Industrialists to destroy our last remaining natural waterways, mountains, air, food, and all life– without holding these Rapists accountable for their heinous crimes– is beneath contempt.

The innocent taxpayer, the consumer is left with the bill to clean up the disaster areas that these greedy, yet politically “connected” conglomerates, have stuck us with.

Who is really going to pay for this oil disaster? Is there ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY that can make it right for a poisoned, dead ocean and toxic water?

The Oil Slick From Space

Something to think about.

The Book, “Aria Hahn” gives the intelligent, inquisitive reader a Sci-Fi glimpse at what could happen if we don’t roll up our sleeves, REVOLT, and Take Back our land, sea, waterways, air, consumer products, food choices, herbal and natural health choices, our children, animal companions, our wildlife, our wilderness, our homesteads.

Where do we go from here?

A perfect stranger said to me in passing today that he thinks we, as humans, have finally reached the end. The final days are here.

Really something to think about when you daydream of the white picket fence, and ignore signs, the call to action, and the incredible, urgent need to think independently and start a revolution.

Beauty, Brains, Philanthropic, Inspired… Eco-Consciousness is hip.

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If most Celebrities care about the environment, animals, holistic health, Organic food, being conscious consumers…. shouldn’t everyone?

Anthony Kideis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers-- A champion for the environment, animals, organic/vegan lifestyles.

Aren’t we all stewards of God’s gift of this earth that sustains all life? Don’t we all have a responsibility to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions and rally for ecologically responsible governance, companies, products, and services?

Nicole Sherwin, the eco-gorgeous, “Green Guru,” is the founder of Nicole Sherwin Events, domiciled in LA, California.

Nicole does the job of sifting through all of the “green washing” that is out there and brings the many honorable, truthfully “Green” companies and products to her hip, Eco-Zen “Green Lounge” experiences that showcase valuable information and products, organic food and alcohol, along with eco-furniture, eco-travel…. everything.

Nicole’s new site will be launching at the end of June to bring these products and fun facts to all consumers who want to “Go Green” but need a little help in deciphering what is real, and what is– well, totally fake information that is called ‘green washing.’ You can check out later this month…

“Some people shy away from responsibility because it brings with it accountability. So let me ask you this, is it more empowering to be accountable for your own actions and attitudes, or to make somebody else responsible?

You see, when we give away accountability we create a state of helplessness.

So I encourage you, liberate yourself—- accept responsibility.”
— Jonathan Wells, Founder, “Advanced Life Skills.”

Countless Celebrities have become Eco-Warriors! Now it’s time for everyone to join this cause for life….

Nicole and I agree that beauty starts on the inside with your heart, soul, spirit, life, thoughts, actions, food choices, what you put into your body both mentally and physically, and with contributions to life.

Be amazed at how beautiful you are when you give back to society, take care of your body organically, holistically, and methodically. A clear mind and a clear body bring a beautiful, thoughtful, graceful, grateful, productive, and successful life.

“The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land.”
— Leviticus 25: 23-24

Create Your Health! [Literally]

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Peter Bedard of the online educational resource, “Create Your Health” has quite a story behind his vast array of knowledge when it comes to taking control of your health NATURALLY.

His own trials and tribulations with his health in the past [much like what like so many great holistic educators have experienced in their lives] has brought Peter to the forefront of being a voice of Alternative, Holistic, TRUTHFUL healthcare.

My show with Peter as my guest broadcast live on June 7th on “Conscious Lifestyles” Radio Show on WGCH. You can check it out on Lifestyles Archives

Check out Peter Bedard at

Saving your life ALSO means making sustainable, eco-conscious choices for the environment, too. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the paints you choose for your home, the food you eat, the cosmetics you put onto your body, the vitamins and minerals you choose…. they ALL play an integral part in YOUR HEALTH.

* Prolo Therapy
* Somatic Therapy
* Ozone
* Household Cleaners… use Vinegar and Water or [cheap] Vodka and Water and Baking Soda for tough stains! There are also great Eco-Friendly companies like, “Seventh Generation” that make good-for-the-planet products…
* Flower Essences
* Equine Assisted Learning
* Feng Shui
* Transformational Breathing
* Yuen Energetics

— and these are just a few of the holistic healing modalities that Peter Bedard has brought to your fingertips when you visit his web site

“Buddhist philosophy and even some quantum theory tells us that our thoughts directly affect the world we live in. Life is too precious to wait for all the things we want…. So, my advice is to live life NOW, and to expect each and every moment to be the miracle it is.”—- Peter Bedard

Thank you, Peter. May your mission to help others be a blessing to this world. God Bless.

P.S. Send an email, letter, or postcard to your elected representative demanding an END to large factory farming, pesticide use, and to request TAXPAYER SUPPORT for Organic, small, LOCAL farms! Let’s stop supporting the large, Agri-businesses that are wrecking havoc on the environment and killing us with pesticides and animal cruelty…. believe it or not, our tax dollars, by the millions, are supporting this because of misguided local and national Politicians! TAKE ACTION. TOMORROW IS HERE.

Just Asking….

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Is this the “Environmental” President we were promised with Hope and Change?

My show broadcast on WGCH on Memorial Day this year was a commentary that I wanted to make about the cronyism and corruption in this current White House that made campaign promises to be different, transparent, to bring “change” to the status quo.

We were all wrong about Mr. Obama. His lack of experience, lack of ethics, inability to forgo campaign contributions from polluting mega-corporations [like BP, and other oil conglomerates and big, dirty Agriculture giants], and his lack of anything resembling a backbone has been totally astonishing, harrowing to watch, and numbing.

He may not have had the slogan of, “Drill Baby Drill” but he quietly did it anyway.

He feigned “Environmentalism” in order to garner votes. He lied.

Read \"The Culture of Corruption\" by Michelle Malkin

Look at the people our ‘Chicago-style Politician’ we elected has surrounded himself with: NO “Change” will be seen from anyone he has appointed to his Cabinet.

The Cattle Rancher and Oil Man as our Secretary of Interior? Hmmmm.

Case in point: Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior. The Mineral Management Service is overseen entirely by Ken Salazar. Mr. Salazar’s head needs to roll over the BP oil gusher disaster– historically, the worst and most horrific environmental rape in American History.

Look at Ken Salazar’s abysmal past record:

– In 2005, he voted against increasing fuel efficiency for cars and trucks. Remember, he is an oil and gas man who is interested in keeping his pockets lined.

– He also opposed an ammendment to repeal tax breaks for Exxon Mobile and other Big, dirty oil companies and supports oil, and gas drilling on Federal lands that are environmentally sensitive with little to no restrictions.

– In 2006, Ken Salazar voted to end protections that limit offshore Florida Gulf Coast drilling!

– In 2006, Ken Salazar voted FOR big subsidies for the livestock industry! Your tax dollars used to line his pockets, again. The livestock industry has a long, terrible, irresponsible past with pollution, animal cruelty, and killing our endangered wildlife by the millions.

– Ken Salazar also voted in favor of Ranchers using public lands and national forests for cattle grazing! This explains WHY, under Salazar, our Wild Horses and Burros [and other nationally treasured wildlife] have been massacred mercilessly with horrific “round ups” and brutal murder.

– Ken Salazar also fought efforts to increase Farm Bill protections for Endangered Species and for the environment.

– Ken Salazar also threatened to sue the US Fish and Wildlife Service when its Scientists determined that the black-tailed Prairie Dog may be endangered.

– In 2007, Ken Salazar was one of the few Democratic Senators to oppose a Bill to require the Army Corps of Engineers to consider global warming when planning water projects!

– The Fund for Animals gives Salazar a 0% for his voting record!

Take a long look at the death and destruction the cronyism of Obama and his selected cabinet who are totally corrupt and are amongst the ugliest group when it comes to environmental destruction.

Immediately AFTER the BP Gulf Oil Disaster, 27 new off shore drilling permits were issued under the ineffective watch of Salazar. Corruption at its worst.

Just asking…. why would a President-elect, who made campaign promises as an ‘Environmentalist,’ not bother to appoint qualified, environmentally responsible people with strong track records to oversee the most important aspects of governmental regulatory departments?

You can listen to this show on WGCH Radio Archives for May 31st. May 31st, 2010 Radio Show for \"Conscious Lifestyles.\"

Eco-Friendly Businesses I Love

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Be a natural Beauty!

Continuing my radio series with my colleague at WGCH Radio, Mary Anne, we had another “Mary Anne and Ginger Show” on May 24th, 2010, featuring two more women owned businesses who bring eco-friendly products that are gorgeous, and healthy for you and for the environment!

Check out these sustainably run companies that I personally use and LOVE!
Herbs of Grace Mineral Makeup

Indian Actress Aishwarya Rai

Solavedi Skin Care and Body Care

Congratulations to Vanessa Nixon Klein of Herbs of Grace and to Carollanne Crichton of Solavedi Skin Care for being two more lights of beauty, elegance, honor, and environmental stewardship in this world!

All of the women at WGCH have totally fallen in love with these beautiful products!

Be naturally beautiful! This is your birthright!

Embrace your unique beauty that God gave you…. support sustainably made, hand made beauty products and you will see the difference and feel the difference immediately.

The other two women owned companies we featured on May 10th, 2010 were La Bella Donna Makeup and Meadow Lake Farms Bee products…. Thanks to all of these sensational companies for being a voice of consciousness in our world we share with nature.

An Interview with Dr. Edward Group of The Global Healing Center

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The Doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas A. Edison

The food and lifestyle you choose have everything to do with your health!
Why the “conventional” food groups have been corrupted is because BIG AGRI-BUSINESS has had a hand in putting their toxic products into the food paradigm in the USA… they even push their toxic, obesity causing and ADHD chemicals on children! Wow! What a convoluted mess our own Government has allowed to infiltrate the MOST precious choice we make: our food!

Live Life honoring yourself and God’s gift of life and be Organic Vegetarian! Your life will have incredible, healthy changes that the medical mafia does want you to know about because you won’t be so easily sickened…. Your true health starts with a clean body on the inside!

Dr. Edward Group

My May 24th, 2010 show was a lively interview with Dr. Group of The Global Healing Center.

Check out their wonderful, informative and EMPOWERING web site:
The Global Healing Center

Dr. Group has always believed that the very foundation of the body’s healing starts in the Colon, Intestines, and then the Gallbladder and Liver. You also need to keep your Kidneys clean with natural herbal formulas and then get the heavy metals and parasites out of your body!

Everybody, EVERYBODY needs to clean their bodies of these toxins regularly.

I am a believer in constant cleansing of the body from the onslaught of chemical toxins in our environment… and Dr. Group and I both agree that cleansing needs to happen regularly! The “every six month” rule is not applicable anymore as we are living in a world that is just too toxic.

Dr. Group even stated that the “Liver and Gallbladder” Cleanse should take place several consecutive times, and not just once– this will help your most important organs to clean your body more efficiently.

…And I believe that when you STOP using toxic household and garden cleaners and START using natural, organic, healthy choices– then you are beginning the very revolution that has been taking place all over the world where the consumer is fed up with chemicals and things that hurt your eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and all living elements on this earth!

I use Vodka and Water OR Vinegar and Water to clean my house, and it is a clean, cool cleanser for counter tops, floors, etc. ! I also use Baking Soda for tubs, and other tough cleaning projects… and it works great!

Our rights as people are being quietly suppressed and even outlawed by the powerful yet corrupt [and greedy] pharmaceutical, oil, and chemical industries. The lobbies these three have in Washington, DC is enough to knock your socks off!

Why do healthy minded Doctors who simply tell their patients to clean their bodies on the inside, eat Vegetarian, and take WHOLE food [organic, unprocessed] vitamin supplements get harassed by the FDA and other alphabet government officials? What are they afraid of?

You have the right to natural health. You have the right to natural, herbal, homeopathic, ozone and other holistic modalities!

But the foes in the chemical-based pharmaceutical industry don’t want you to be natural, healthy, or to even KNOW about the healthier choices that could give you vibrance, true health from the inside, and bring you the PEACE in your one life that you deserve.

The message here is simple: Take back your life.

We have all seen too many people we love and care about be seriously injured and killed from vaccines, drugs [both pharmaceutical “legal” and illegal], unnecessary and invasive surgeries, chemicals, and bad [processed] food.

The time is now.

Write a 5 minute email to your Local and State Representatives that you, the Consumer, are smart enough to demand natural healthcare as a CHOICE and that you demand organic, sustainable farming be taxpayer supported [and NOT the chemical, giant Agri-business farming].

Right now, we have a choice to vote for ACTION rather than a bunch of sweet-talking rhetoric about “hope, change,” and other meaningless things that bring nothing but the same old political corruption.

Take control of your future by taking control of what goes into your body. Clean your body, and you will be smarter, brighter, healthier, and even more beautiful!

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