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  1. One thing I would really like to say is that often car insurance termination is a horrible experience and if you are doing the correct things as being a driver you simply will not get one. Many people do receive the notice that they have been officially dropped by their insurance company they then have to scramble to get more insurance after the cancellation. Low-priced auto insurance rates tend to be hard to get from a cancellation. Knowing the main reasons regarding auto insurance canceling can help drivers prevent getting rid of in one of the most important privileges accessible. Thanks for the strategies shared through your blog.

    • I don’t know if I’ve ever written anything on car insurance. But I do know that the insurance industry for both home and auto [and business insurance as well] is extremely corrupt! Innocent consumers getting cancelled for homeowners insurance ‘out of the blue’ is certainly on the rise. The best advice I have for my listeners/fellow blog readers is to sign up with MUTUAL Insurers who engage in DIRECT communication with their customers. I have saved over $4,000/year by switching over from the incredibly corrupt and inept “Chubb” Insurance [and the asinine local Broker] over to Liberty Mutual.

      What a pleasure it is to work with a company that has some professional, knowledgeable, and even caring people on staff! Kudos to the Mutual insurers.

      Thanks for writing.

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