Please Help Queenie the Elephant Find Sanctuary After Years of Abuse » Queenie the Elephant



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  1. I can not understand how queenie ended up in
    San Antonio after all her years of torment and
    suffering. It literally makes me sick and
    why all these people who care and call the USDA and she is still there with poor Lucky.
    How can the USDA exist and not have the
    authority to help these poor elephants????

    • I agree with you, Nancy. I also wonder WHY the USDA even exists, and takes our tax dollars to do nothing. Bloated, big-bureaucratic government has GOT TO STOP. Both our endangered animals AND the taxpayer deserve better.
      Everyone has got to immediately take 5 minutes from their day to send an email to their state representatives to demand that our exotic animals be taken out of circuses and all abusive ‘holding pens’ in zoos and given to worthy sanctuaries.

      Enough with inept governmental officials who do nothing to make the world a better place once they get elected! The voter no longer wants promises…. we want ACTION!

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