Books For Animal Guardians

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Veterinarians\' Guide To Natural Remedies For Cats by Martin Zucker
Veterinarians\' Guide To Natural Remedies For Dogs by Martin Zucker
Whole Health For Happy Cats: A Guide To Keeping Your Cat Naturally Healthy, Happy and Well-Fed, by Sandy Arora

The Complete Guide To Holistic Cat Care, by Dr. Celeste Yarnell & Jean Hofve
Cats: Homeopathic Remedies by George Macleod, MRCVS, DVSM, Vet FF Hom
Homeopathic Care For Cats and Dogs, by Don Hamilton, DVM
Stop The Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? by John Clifton

These books are a great place to start when TAKING ACTION for the TRUE HEALTHCARE of our beloved family animal companions!

I urge all of my listeners and anyone who comes across my blog/website
to QUESTION the ‘allopathic’ system of drugs, more drugs, and surgery that intoxicates the bodily systems of all living beings and ultimately causes the very autoimmune diseases that our world is now plagued with.

STOP the vaccines, and SAY NO to bad, disrespectful Vets who don’t bother to educate themselves to the truth about health and well being.

You, your family, and your beloved animal companions deserve better than what the pharmaceutical conglomerates are trying to enforce upon us via their Propaganda…. by the way, the pharmaceutical industry is closely tied to the Nazi German Chemical Warfare and Petroleum industries.

Time to be empowered.

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