Mind and Body Control…. Part II on Conscious Lifestyles Radio

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Not in your head.... these are real bio warfare weapons in use.

“If Government does not say anything or admit to anything, people will have a disconnect in their minds.” — G. Brady, Producer and Radio Host

Now is the TIME to open our eyes... Look, Understand, Demand Action.

The May 17, 2010 radio show on WGCH Radio was amazing.

Dr. Gwen Scott gave us the information we need to protect our bodies from the onslaught of chemicals that continues to be sprayed into our sky and from the pollution that goes unchecked by Governmental [asleep at the wheel] agencies….

Here’s what to take:

1.) Diatomaceous Earth: Permaguard.com. This is a fossil shell flour that kills the fungus, yeast infections/Candida, parasites in the body.

2.) Visit Arizonaskywatch.com. Get information. This is key to empowering yourself. Click here to learn more.

3.) Tea Tree Oil. 2 drops in bottom of mug and add boiling water. Inhale for the anti-fungal, healing properties to your respiratory system.

4.) Miracle II Soap. Take a Bath in this soap and you will help your body detox. You can also use Organic Sea Salt or Epsom Salts in addition to the Miracle II Soap on alternate days. www.amazon.com/Miracle II Soap

5.) Organic Grape Juice. This helps to rid your body of the suspicious Fungus and Fibers that are being sprayed into the air.

6.) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink at least two tablespoons/twice per day in warm water. This helps the PH balance in your body.

7.) Eat Garlic. I eat a small piece of raw, organic Garlic and then immediately follow it with a fresh fruit smoothie or a freshly pressed Organic Orange Juice. Do this once a week to start with, and build up your tolerance.

8.) Organic Lemon and Lime squeezed into hot water with Cayenne pepper. This helps to detox your body of accumulated chemicals. You should NEVER sweeten this with sugar or even with Maple Syrup! Instead, use Agave Syrup, Lucuma Powder, Stevia, or Xylitol for your sweetener.

9.) Ozone. Your body is depleted of life giving Oxygen when you constantly breathe in chemicals, toxins, eat adulterated foods, and unknowingly spray on synthesized perfumes, and use mass-marketed cosmetics, etc. LEARN TO BE AN EDUCATED AND HEALTHY CONSUMER!

Ozonated Olive Oil is good for you and for your skin.

Some healthy places to find Ozonated Olive Oil:

10.) Write your State, Federal, and LOCAL elected officials to STOP the Chem-Trail Spraying in our skies, and to STOP the taxpayer funded nonsense of “Corporate Welfare” to giant agri-businesses who are taking taxpayer money to spray and use toxic chemicals on ‘factory farmed’ food that is depleting our natural environment and our soil of minerals, vitamins, and essential life giving nutrients. This is so unhealthy and detrimental that it cannot be emphasized enough….

Send a 5 minute email to your elected officials…. it could save your life!

DDT Sprayed on Children in 1950's

Every city in the USA has Chem Trails and no one in Government says one word about it.
Chem Trails are sprayed in every city in the USA and no one in Government has anything to say about this atrocity. Their very own taxpayer base is being poisoned, sickened, and weakened. How can you have a strong United States when you have sick, weak people?

The Time is NOW to TAKE ACTION for our true health freedoms. How can any government that deliberately sickens its own people talk about “Health Care Reform” with a straight face? This is unacceptable.

True Healthcare was never defined by this latest Regime we have in the White House but they certainly want to throw more taxpayer money at something they are part of the very problem in creating! Again, unacceptable corruption.

True health is natural health.

When you are healthy you will find peace, happiness, wellness.

Learn more: www.gwenscottnd.com

Save Our Wild Horses

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Saving America\'s Horses From Abuse and Slaughter

Please take the time to add your name to the list of people who are diligently campaigning on behalf of our Wild and Domestic Horses….

The horses need our help.

Please Help Queenie the Elephant Find Sanctuary After Years of Abuse

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Please listen to this amazing radio show by Dr. Lori Kirshner: “Animals Today.”</strong>
Help Rescue The Elephant Queenie from Abuse

Queenie was beaten by Bull Hooks, kept in unnatural confinement, and for 52 years has had a horrifying existence that NO ONE, no living being would deserve.

The PAWS Animal Sanctuary has offered to take Queenie, but the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture has totally IGNORED the plea from PAWS to let them take her to their large, well cared-for Sanctuary.

PLEASE Call or Fax the Department of Agriculture:

Tom Vilsack
Secretary, Department of Agriculture
FAX: 202.720.2166
CALL: 202.720.3631

PLEASE take a moment to TAKE ACTION for this innocent, intelligent living being who needs our help TODAY!

Thank you.

My Series on Eco-Friendly, Women-owned businesses started May 10th….

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I Produced this Eco-Friendly Series and Co-Hosted the “MaryAnne Show” on Monday, May 10th, with Co-Host MaryAnne DeFelice. It was a real “MaryAnne and Ginger Show!”

Our Bees Pollinate Everything We Eat... We Need Them To Stay Alive.

The Series will take place twice in May and every month throughout the Summer…. interesting, informative, and you will become a better consumer of beauty and health products that can save your life and of those you love.

Our guests were “La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup/Skin Care” and a truly hand-made, wonderful Skin Care company that literally comes from a Bee Farm called “Meadowlake Farm.”

Thank you to both of our Guests for being so good to our environment and for telling us all about WHY we need to be concerned with what transdermally is put onto our skin and ultimately into our bloodstream.

Check out these amazing companies:


The founder of Meadowlake Farm Herbal Skin Care was so informative in telling us all about WHY the bees are disappearing and how this is happening SOLELY because of Pesticides. Pesticides damage the immune systems of the bees, literally confuse them, and kill them.
Bee Die Offs From Pesticides
This is an emergency.

Our Bees pollinate EVERYTHING and their importance to our food supply is paramount to producing anything from Apples to Zucchini.

Bayer Pharmaceutical is primarily to blame, as they introduced a hazardous pesticide in 2006 that is culpable for the massive killing of our pollinating Bees. Also to blame is Monsanto’s GMO Crops that have contaminated almost every other plant on Earth.

Former U.S. President Clinton has apologized in recent years for not fully investigating and understanding the damage that GMO crops can do to the food supply…. as he was responsible, under his Administration, for giving the legal ‘green light’ to Monsanto to sell GMO products.

The GMO product line must be OUTLAWED NOW.
GMO Crops Cause Organ Damage!…. Read and Research and Be a VOiCE!

It is one thing to make a mistake, but entirely another to keep doing it over and over and over.

My God, our Elected Officials really are asleep and missing in action.

However, you can vote with your dollars [and PLEASE send emails] to buy the healthy, organic, handmade, lovingly made products that you and your family deserve!

This series airs on WGCH Radio, and you can catch it streaming live on http://www.wgch.com @ 6pm on the selected nights. The next show will be Monday, May 24th.

Your Vitamins Taken Away By Big Pharma?…. And What Are Those Lines In the Sky?

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Listen to the May 10th Show here: Save Dietary Supplements & Chem Trail Warfare.

My show yesterday, May 10th, was quite a doozie. A big topic for a short amount of time… but we will have Part II on Monday, May 17th!

If you can’t listen live on 1490AM WGCH, you can check out the Podcast afterward on http://www.wgch.com and click into “Conscious Lifestyles.”

My guest, Dr. Gwen Scott, a Naturopathic Doctor, talked with me about the dangerous, outrageous ‘big brother’ Bill that Senator John McCain is responsible for irresponsibly bringing to the Senate floor for a vote is “Bill 3002.”


This bill is horrifying because it literally abolishes your rights to healthy, natural, herbal supplements. Period.

Your right to the supplements you see on the shelves at Whole Foods or any good health food store would be GONE.

What? Oh yes, the big pharmaceuticals– which I have established in my shows are tied directly to Chemical Warfare Conglomerates that were conceived in Nazi Germany– are fighting [quietly, yet UNRELENTINGLY]
to refuse all Americans the right to buy healthy herbal supplements.

Why? Because it pays THEM if you are sick, debilitated, unhealthy, weak, and desperate. You will have to take their toxic drugs for ‘supplementation.’

Where would you get herbal supplements? You wouldn’t have them. You could only see a Doctor in hopes of getting a “prescription” for any herbal supplement, but it would– by law– be a MUCH LOWER, and virtually ineffective dose than what is available over the counter today.

Impossible? Well, the pharmaceutical industry is whittling away at your rights to access to ALTERNATIVE, HERBAL, NATURAL HEALTHCARE.

The big pharma is literally bribing your Elected Senators with campaign contributions, money, MONEY, and more money to get them to finally give in and betray their own constituents.

Don’t buy it. Send a 5 minute EMAIL and/or Post Card to your Local, State, and Nationally elected representatives. NOW.

And then we started the “ChemTrails 101” conversation that opens up the much needed awareness of what is, exactly, being sprayed in our skies….
Check out this informative Website by Clifford Carnicom: www.carnicom.com

To understand this topic that seems so close to ‘Science Fiction’ you should read two books:

1.) The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs

2.) Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

This is one of the most important conversations that the media today can have with all Americans and Humans around the world. Why is it being ignored by the main stream?

This conversation will continue on “Conscious Lifestyles” next Monday @ 4.30PM Eastern Time on WGCH Radio.

Books For Animal Guardians

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Veterinarians\' Guide To Natural Remedies For Cats by Martin Zucker
Veterinarians\' Guide To Natural Remedies For Dogs by Martin Zucker
Whole Health For Happy Cats: A Guide To Keeping Your Cat Naturally Healthy, Happy and Well-Fed, by Sandy Arora

The Complete Guide To Holistic Cat Care, by Dr. Celeste Yarnell & Jean Hofve
Cats: Homeopathic Remedies by George Macleod, MRCVS, DVSM, Vet FF Hom
Homeopathic Care For Cats and Dogs, by Don Hamilton, DVM
Stop The Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? by John Clifton

These books are a great place to start when TAKING ACTION for the TRUE HEALTHCARE of our beloved family animal companions!

I urge all of my listeners and anyone who comes across my blog/website
to QUESTION the ‘allopathic’ system of drugs, more drugs, and surgery that intoxicates the bodily systems of all living beings and ultimately causes the very autoimmune diseases that our world is now plagued with.

STOP the vaccines, and SAY NO to bad, disrespectful Vets who don’t bother to educate themselves to the truth about health and well being.

You, your family, and your beloved animal companions deserve better than what the pharmaceutical conglomerates are trying to enforce upon us via their Propaganda…. by the way, the pharmaceutical industry is closely tied to the Nazi German Chemical Warfare and Petroleum industries.

Time to be empowered.

When Animals Talk

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Do you know what the animals are trying to tell us?

May 3, 2010 \"Conscious Lifestyles\" Radio Show

On “Conscious Lifestyles” Radio on WGCH this past week, on Monday, May 3rd, I interviewed Charles Peden, an Animal Communicator and “People” Communicator about animals and how to talk to them and really hear what they are trying to tell us.

Getting to a place where you are using your intuitive muscle, and allowing the subtle messages to be felt physically in your body as well
as learning to read the sensitive language of an animal is a great gift to the animal companions in your life…. and really, to the world…. because you are going to want to protect both wild and domestic, and farm animals from exploitation, abuse, and harm when you see how intelligent, curious, and beloved they are…. each with his or her own personality, just like a person– totally unique!

Charles Peden and I talked about HOW to get to such a place where you can receive the subtle, yet very direct messages from animals.

I know that for me, Kung Fu is one way to get to that higher level of spiritual reality, as well as Prayer, Mediation, watching the sun rise and sun set, being in nature, Poetry…. it could also be walking in the woods, Music, Gardening, Yoga, or rescuing animals….

But when you are assembling your “team” of specialists for your animal family, you need to also include a QUALIFIED Animal Communicator in this team to help you understand your Fur Kids during all the stages of their lives.

Check out Charles Peden’s website to learn more about communicating with your family’s best friend: www.charlespeden.com, Animal Communication

Charles touched on being careful in selecting a qualified, honorable Animal Communicator. He warned that anyone who requests a photograph ahead of time is a sign that they are not totally in touch with the animal in a truthful way to the Guardian and should be avoided.

Charles also talked about one of the most heart wrenching subjects for all Guardians when he talked about death and dying. He reassured us that animals do not fear death the way the human [particularly ‘Western’] mind has been conditioned to fear this most natural of transitions into the spiritual world.

When my beloved best friend died I saw a vision of a bird flying. Now, whenever I think of her a bird flies over head, and I feel her presence…. I know she flies free from a body that was injured from bad doctors and toxic vaccines [another show for the future] that injured her immune system and damaged her Kidneys. Her spirit is free, and I believe in Heaven, so I know I will see her again HEALTHY and in perfect form.

I am grateful to the amazing Animal Communicators who have helped me with all sorts of questions I have for my animals, both living and passed on, and I continue to use this spiritual level of communication as an important component to the health and well being of my family.
WGCH Archives for Conscious Lifestyles

My ‘Notable Quotable’ for this show:

“Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.”
—- Paul Rodriguez

Very true. Now, let’s get our elected, overpaid, ‘asleep at the wheel’ Government officials to take action on this very concept of preserving all life and put an immediate END to all Hunting.

Hiking in the woods should be a SAFE activity for everyone!

The natural world is threatened by shortsighted greed and corruption. The majority of people in this world want our natural resources and all of nature to be preserved for all to enjoy. Amen.

In loving memory of Gabriel, Fur Child, Brandy, Chiquita, and all of the animals who now fly free. I will see you again.

Bothered By Your Green Conscience? Artist & Author Franke James Certainly Is, and You – yeah, YOU- Should Be, Too!

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April 26, 2010 Show with Franke James on GREENING YOUR WORLD! Podcast from Live Show on \"Conscious Lifestyles.\"
Bothered By My Green Conscience

I Samuel 17: 1-58

Then David took his staff in his hand, and chose five smooth stones from the wadi, and put them in his shepherd’s bag, in the pouch; his sling was in his hand, and he drew near to the Philistine…

When the Philistine drew nearer to meet David, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine. David put his hand in his bag, took out a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine on his forehead; the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell face down on the ground.”

The taxpayer, the consumer, the concerned citizen, everyone breathing is like a “David” against the “Goliath” polluters who ignore their conscience in the the name of today’s profits.

My interview last week with Franke James, the whimsical Artist whose new book, “Bothered By My Green Conscience,” revealed how her personal journey started by wondering what kind of a world we are leaving our Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren…. will there be a world if we don’t act now?

Franke talked about how her steps to taking action to go green with her own driveway were met with governmental red-tape and politics that were the exact opposite of the “Going Green” image her town had promoted itself to be!

…. and I have personally had experiences similar to this myself in my own journey to Greening my world…. why are so many people who put themselves in positions of ‘power’ out of touch with reality?

By the way, the permeable underlayment for Franke’s all-green driveway is called “Permaturf.” Now I am inspired to use this for my driveway, too! www.PermaTURF.com

How many disasters need to happen before an awakening takes place with our Governmental ‘leaders’ around the world? How many eco-systems are literally murdered by oil spills, over development, illegal logging, “chemtrail” spraying in our skys, pollution belching from smoke stacks, etc.?

The list of environmental destruction in the name of a few people profiting from exploiting our planet is an extensive one…. and they are all the same groups of conglomerates that somehow lobby our elected leaders to KEEP polluting without conscience!

The time is now to demand environmental clean-up and practices that are sustainable.

Franke’s book wonders via her artistic illustrations what will come of all the trashing of our planet by a few bad, greedy, short-sighted industries… and by voter and consumer apathy.

Her book is fun to read and look at for all ages, and it WILL motivate even the most apathetic person to take the first steps to cleaning up their own environment and having some fun doing it, too.
Franke\'s Blog And Artwork For the Planet is a MUST SEE

This was a live interview on WGCH Radio, and now you can listen to it on Podcast on WGCH.com under “Conscious Lifestyles” on April 26th, 2010.

Conscious Lifestyles Radio with Ginger Leilani Chapin

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