April 12, 2010 Show: Saving our Primates and Great Apes. A Conversation with Lee Hall of Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates Sanctuary.

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April 12, 2010 Show on \"Conscious Lifestyles\" with Lee Hall of Friends of Animals on our Great Apes and Primates: Need \"Personhood.\"

“Ever occur to you why some of us can be this concerned with animals suffering?
Because Government is not.
–Why Not?
Animals don’t vote.”
— by Paul Harvey

I dedicate this show to all of the magnificent, intelligent Primates and Great Apes who are alone and frightened in laboratory cages– stolen from their natural, wild habitats– and wait for someone to rescue them and return them to freedom.

Lee Hall told us all about the Chimpanzee, “Oliver” who is now living out his remaining Senior days at Primarily Primates. Watch the video of Oliver and hear his story on http://www.primarilyprimates.org….

This sweet, and remarkable Chimp endured years of abuse in the Entertainment industry after literally being stolen out of the wild in Africa in 1962. His mother was murdered in front of him, and he was thrown into a bag by his brutal captors, and found himself “entertaining” people for many years in a totally unnatural and irresponsible environment.

After his owners were bored with him, and could not make any further money off of this Chimp, he was shipped off to an experimentation laboratory and to the Military for years of abuse, solitary confinement in a cage, and unthinkable experimentations.

Oliver’s story is representative of an unknown number of Primates and Great Apes in America alone.

The ‘Science’ behind the brutality of these animal experimentations in laboratories that think nothing of ripping these innocent animals from the wild, and then subjecting them to totally inhumane conditions and horrible experiments brings us not an inch closer to resolving the many health issues that plague the post-industrialized world…. perhaps looking at dangerous, synthesized chemicals and metals in the environment is too easy for the scientific community…. but the horrible reality is that most of the biotech firms doing these junk science experiments are the very same corporations that produce warfare and chemical hazards. They are all one big, scary circle of incestuous pollution, synthesized pharmaceuticals, and misinformation.

The National Institute of Health [NIH] is the main culprit behind this massive waste of tax dollars spent on useless, reckless, excruciating, and unthinkable experimentation on Primates.

Oregon National Primate Research Center is another notoriously evil laboratory that has a long history of abuse.

One wicked “experiment” that has wasted time, taxpayer money, and Primate life is one that keeps getting re-experimented for no good reason: They rip a baby Primate away from its mother– a heart wrenching thing to see as they pull a screaming, terrified baby away from an equally traumatized mother who has nothing else to live for sitting in a sterile cage– and they do this in the name of “research” explaining that they are studying “Trauma.”

Unbelievable. Careless. As close to a satanic ritual as anyone can get…. and this is all funded foolishly by our blindfolded Government.

This has got to stop.

Check out http://www.sourcewatch.org to find out more and get the details that you need to be fully informed of the quackery that really goes on behind the public relations blitzes by the very same ‘biotech’ firms who profit from such animal abuse.

The whole industry is secretive. Very little is revealed, and all undercover whistleblowers are attacked in every way imaginable in order to discredit anyone who stands up to bring justice for these innocent animals.

Now is the time. Bring your voice to our elected officials and tell them that they need to understand truth in health, and why biotech firms that are also chemical warfare manufacturers have a lot to hide. NO MORE funding for these wasteful, incomprehensible experiments!

Saving our animals starts with simply writing, emailing, faxing, calling on our elected officials to take action now. Educating our own officials is what we must do today to make the world Greener, Happier, Peaceful.

It is time for these intelligent living beings to be recognized legally for “Personhood.” They have complex family groups, feel pain, sadness, happiness, and express love and other emotions as clearly as humans.

The time has come, in 2010, to stop the Nazi-German warfare medical research that has failed miserably to find answers to anything related to the real world.

Please visit http://www.primarilyprimates.org and http://www.friendsofanimals.org to learn more about this most important modern-day issue that needs to be addressed in our culture.

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