April 5th, 2010 Show: Scott Ventrella, Executive Coach On Good Faith Business Ethics, Social and Environmental Responsibility….& Pursuing Your Passion in Life!

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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
— Judy Garland

“The little reed bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright when the storm had passed over.”– Aesop

My interview with Scott was one of the best yet. I love all of his books, and the one that has really spoken to me is: “Me, Inc.– How To Master the Business of Being You.”

Scott Ventrella, an Executive Coach, specializes in leadership development and business ethics. He is an Adjunct Professor at the John F. Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University, where he teaches courses on Leadership and Ethics. He also teaches a course on Leadership and Change at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, and also teaches Ethics at Fairfield University…. He is also the Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking in Business: 10 Traits for Maximum Results” and “Me, Inc.– How to Master the Business of Being You.” He has an upcoming book to be published in 2011 entitled, “HONESTLY! How to Work and Succeed with Integrity.”

All of these books are available on Amazon.com.

I love the whole new paradigm of looking at business with a truthful concern for the environment, and the desire to take responsibility to protect natural resources AND be profitable at the same time… and to see the responsibilities that every person, business, and generation has to upholding this very core of life itself.

How can a business ignore the call to doing what is right in the face of the obvious need we have to collectively [and immediately] take action for our planet? What have we allowed dirty businesses to do to our natural resources? Why are they escaping the consequences and the clean up costs? Who in Government is upright and ethical enough to take a stand for truly clean air, water, food, manufacturing practices…. and are we producing Leaders who are strong enough to take on these dirty businesses and win?

Our planet, and all life is counting on YOU [Yeah, YOU!] to take up this cause and be a voice for good business and good government…. it can be as easy as sending a 5 minute email to your local elected government officials telling them that you demand, as a taxpayer and a VOTER, that Fluoride, Chlorine, industrial chemicals, agriculture waste and other toxins be cleaned up out of our water…. every time you BUY SOMETHING at the store— you are sending a direct message and a vote to both that business AND to elected officials [trust me, they know all too well the very corporations that are doing well financially].

Scott talked about new MBA’s and undergrads who are now seeking earth friendly, ethical, honorable businesses to work for and to support…. they are out there, and I believe that they are the wave of future growth both economically and socially.

Small Businesses: The backbone of our capitalist, enterprising American values. “Main Street” is an important and integral part of our economic growth, and many of these small businesses and start-ups have grown in popularity to become major companies…. and have literally changed our social and pop culture.

Starbucks, for example, started as a great idea. But the naysayers who said, ‘that will never work in America’ tried to put a damper on this small start up…. and it’s a good thing Founder Howard Schultz persevered despite the negative business advice.

Keep your eye on the truth, and look beyond the small talk and chatter.

Ten things to always keep in mind when looking for your passion in life:

1.) Surround yourself with ethical, honorable, truthful, enlightened, uplifting and creative people who share your values in life.

2.) Define your values. Write them down on paper. Everything you write down will manifest into reality.

3.) Make the call, the first step, the determined decision to be healthy. Health is wealth. Seek holistic nutritional knowledge, and educate yourself about natural healing and staying well with herbs, minerals, vitamins [whole food sourced], and organic food sources. This is key in being successful… you cannot live your life without mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health!

4.) Women need to find the role models that appeal to them and help them to aspire to their highest power in this world. Too many women are brutal to one another. Learn to navigate your life in the correct directions to focus on the good, enlightened role models for you. Women need to learn to collectively help each other in business, which is exactly what men have been doing for generations. Reach out and BE a helpful role model to a girl when you get a chance…. you may be changing a life. I saw Singer Mary J. Blige recently on “Oprah” state that when you empower women, you are actually empowering the world to be a better place.

5.) Have a plan. Again, write it down. It will change over time as you gain life experiences. But keep a Journal of your desires and progress.

6.) Need more education? Easy. You can get this online, selective classes, programs, and even finding a mentor to show you how to do what you need to learn. Be excellent at what you want to do in life. We NEED more excellent people who seek knowledge and never stop learning…. I cannot think of one profession where you ‘know everything’ and just stop learning… Seek knowledge every day. I personally LOVE to research healthy ways of living, holistic healing modalities, and eco-friendly lifestyles…. Find your passion, and you will not stop reaching for more information, skills, enlightenment.

7.) I interviewed a Chocolatier named Vanessa Barg, a 24 year old Entrepreneur who started her amazing, organic, raw chocolate bar company out of her mother’s kitchen! Cool! It started very organically…. simply doing something she loved to do and sharing her talent with friends, students at the nutrition school she was attending, then onto Whole Foods and other retailers…. “GO FOR IT!” is the message here. You don’t need a lot of money to start something wonderful if it is your passion. The kudos will come faster than you could imagine if you LOVE something so much.

8.) Failure has many great lessons. Don’t be afraid of it. Too many people are. Those people are the ones who live in fear, and stay on a mediocre, unfulfilled treadmill all of their lives and never find the golden sunrises and sunsets that everyone should experience spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

9.) Kindness. A little bit towards a needy child, animal, a wetland, a tree or a forest…. this has everything to do with running a conscious, aware and totally successful company that will last for generations in celebration of all life.

10.) God. Family. Work….. Balance. Honor. I believe these are the keys to the door we all want to walk through to experience what it is to truly live life to its fullest.

Giving Back Feels Good...

You can contact Scott Ventrella via his website: http://www.positivedynamics.com

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