The Sudan Genocide & Why It Takes Star Power Like George Clooney For Air Time In America … My Interview With Author And Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer

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Genocide in the Sudan: Why? Listen to \"Conscious Lifestyles\" Here.
“Wars and elections are both too big and too small to matter in the long run. The daily work– that goes on, it adds up.”
— Barbara Kingsolver

My interview on Monday, April 19, 2010, with Author and Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer was eye-opening. The atrocities in the Sudan were and are avoidable and could be resolved, but no one in the current Presidential cabinet appears to care.

Why do we have a non-existent foreign policy? Is Genocide not something we vowed to never tolerate again at the end of World War II?

“The religious differences between Islam and Christianity have magnified a Genocide between people that history will regard as the worst ever recorded.” — Lucien Niemeyer

The inspiration for this show was a single photograph taken by Kevin Carter in 1993, and won a Pulitzer Prize. Photojournalist Carter committed suicide only three months after the photo was taken due to the enormous burden he could no longer bear of the horrors he had witnessed on the front line in the Sudan.

This innocent little girl did not have to starve to death. This very photo haunts me, and the entire world was and is moved by this child who struggles alone. Where are her parents? Were they murdered? Where is the UN? Where is the U.S. and E.U. with all of our military power?

Where is the humanitarian aid today and where was it then?

In Southern Sudan today, women and children and entire families and villages are murdered in cold blood.

Women are raped, taken into custody by the Northern Sudan Arabs [who have become increasingly radical] and sold into slavery. The female children are also subjected to rape, and many starve to death and are brutally murdered.

The Southern Sudanese people are docile, gentle farmers who live on the land that they have known for hundreds of generations. When they are displaced from their native land– much like the Native American Indians– they are stripped of their self-sufficiency, culture, and food sources. They are rounded up, similar to what happened during the reign of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, and most of the men are murdered and the women are stolen into a world of horrors that is worse than death.

The question that needs to be answered is why, under the Obama Administration, this unthinkable killing of the Southern Sudanese Christians has once again begun.

This is an Ethnic Cleansing: History keeps repeating itself, and some Politicians care and others don’t so they keep having their power lunches with their big bellies full of arrogance and just don’t give a damn…. Is this not the very face of evil we are told our Military power is to overcome?

What I did not know was that under the Bush Administration, Senator Danforth was sent to the Sudan to assess the dire situation there and reported an account that needed immediate action.

Guess what? The Bush Administration was actually very strong on this issue, with a strong Foreign Policy and strong Advisors– they stopped the Northern Sudanese warfare for the time that this Administration was in office. This was a big surprise to me– and a pleasant one– but wow, how can Obama now not care to take as strong a stand here? These innocent people are DYING horrible, unnecessary, gruesome deaths that NO ONE in the 21st Century should be left to endure.

The whole world needs to get involved in the Sudan.

Here’s how to help:

1.) Support the “Persecution Project Foundation” located in Culpepper, Virginia. Brad Phillips has done a monumental job without any government help, and he could do so much more with our help.

2.) Write your local and state elected officials to ask what in God’s name they plan on doing to save these innocent people?

3.) Read Lucian Neimeyer’s writing on his eye-witness reports of these atrocities.

Lucien’s books are available on
“Africa: The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan”


Do not turn away.

I cannot eat another morsel of food without deep prayer, thought, and desire to do SOMETHING right this moment to help these innocent people.

Please contact The Persecution Project immediately to ask what you can do to help.

How can President Obama, and all of his very unqualified Cabinet along with every Senator, Representative, and elected official sit down to eat any meal without caring one iota for these children who are starving to DEATH?

What have hateful people done to our most innocent?

Thanks to ordinary people like Heather Stewart of the UK who is single handedly flying a single airplane in the Sudan, risking her own life, to help people in every way she can. God Bless you, Heather.

Thanks to Brad Phillips of The Persecution Project Foundation and to Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer, and to all of the small groups of honorable people who are the “Davids” against the “Goliath” of the radical, hateful Muslim warfare.

David MUST win. Everyone can help. The time is now.

“……. the executives of the worlds leadership have selectively chosen which Genocides to address.” — Lucien Niemeyer

April 12, 2010 Show: Saving our Primates and Great Apes. A Conversation with Lee Hall of Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates Sanctuary.

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April 12, 2010 Show on \"Conscious Lifestyles\" with Lee Hall of Friends of Animals on our Great Apes and Primates: Need \"Personhood.\"

“Ever occur to you why some of us can be this concerned with animals suffering?
Because Government is not.
–Why Not?
Animals don’t vote.”
— by Paul Harvey

I dedicate this show to all of the magnificent, intelligent Primates and Great Apes who are alone and frightened in laboratory cages– stolen from their natural, wild habitats– and wait for someone to rescue them and return them to freedom.

Lee Hall told us all about the Chimpanzee, “Oliver” who is now living out his remaining Senior days at Primarily Primates. Watch the video of Oliver and hear his story on….

This sweet, and remarkable Chimp endured years of abuse in the Entertainment industry after literally being stolen out of the wild in Africa in 1962. His mother was murdered in front of him, and he was thrown into a bag by his brutal captors, and found himself “entertaining” people for many years in a totally unnatural and irresponsible environment.

After his owners were bored with him, and could not make any further money off of this Chimp, he was shipped off to an experimentation laboratory and to the Military for years of abuse, solitary confinement in a cage, and unthinkable experimentations.

Oliver’s story is representative of an unknown number of Primates and Great Apes in America alone.

The ‘Science’ behind the brutality of these animal experimentations in laboratories that think nothing of ripping these innocent animals from the wild, and then subjecting them to totally inhumane conditions and horrible experiments brings us not an inch closer to resolving the many health issues that plague the post-industrialized world…. perhaps looking at dangerous, synthesized chemicals and metals in the environment is too easy for the scientific community…. but the horrible reality is that most of the biotech firms doing these junk science experiments are the very same corporations that produce warfare and chemical hazards. They are all one big, scary circle of incestuous pollution, synthesized pharmaceuticals, and misinformation.

The National Institute of Health [NIH] is the main culprit behind this massive waste of tax dollars spent on useless, reckless, excruciating, and unthinkable experimentation on Primates.

Oregon National Primate Research Center is another notoriously evil laboratory that has a long history of abuse.

One wicked “experiment” that has wasted time, taxpayer money, and Primate life is one that keeps getting re-experimented for no good reason: They rip a baby Primate away from its mother– a heart wrenching thing to see as they pull a screaming, terrified baby away from an equally traumatized mother who has nothing else to live for sitting in a sterile cage– and they do this in the name of “research” explaining that they are studying “Trauma.”

Unbelievable. Careless. As close to a satanic ritual as anyone can get…. and this is all funded foolishly by our blindfolded Government.

This has got to stop.

Check out to find out more and get the details that you need to be fully informed of the quackery that really goes on behind the public relations blitzes by the very same ‘biotech’ firms who profit from such animal abuse.

The whole industry is secretive. Very little is revealed, and all undercover whistleblowers are attacked in every way imaginable in order to discredit anyone who stands up to bring justice for these innocent animals.

Now is the time. Bring your voice to our elected officials and tell them that they need to understand truth in health, and why biotech firms that are also chemical warfare manufacturers have a lot to hide. NO MORE funding for these wasteful, incomprehensible experiments!

Saving our animals starts with simply writing, emailing, faxing, calling on our elected officials to take action now. Educating our own officials is what we must do today to make the world Greener, Happier, Peaceful.

It is time for these intelligent living beings to be recognized legally for “Personhood.” They have complex family groups, feel pain, sadness, happiness, and express love and other emotions as clearly as humans.

The time has come, in 2010, to stop the Nazi-German warfare medical research that has failed miserably to find answers to anything related to the real world.

Please visit and to learn more about this most important modern-day issue that needs to be addressed in our culture.

April 5th, 2010 Show: Scott Ventrella, Executive Coach On Good Faith Business Ethics, Social and Environmental Responsibility….& Pursuing Your Passion in Life!

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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
— Judy Garland

“The little reed bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright when the storm had passed over.”– Aesop

My interview with Scott was one of the best yet. I love all of his books, and the one that has really spoken to me is: “Me, Inc.– How To Master the Business of Being You.”

Scott Ventrella, an Executive Coach, specializes in leadership development and business ethics. He is an Adjunct Professor at the John F. Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University, where he teaches courses on Leadership and Ethics. He also teaches a course on Leadership and Change at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, and also teaches Ethics at Fairfield University…. He is also the Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking in Business: 10 Traits for Maximum Results” and “Me, Inc.– How to Master the Business of Being You.” He has an upcoming book to be published in 2011 entitled, “HONESTLY! How to Work and Succeed with Integrity.”

All of these books are available on

I love the whole new paradigm of looking at business with a truthful concern for the environment, and the desire to take responsibility to protect natural resources AND be profitable at the same time… and to see the responsibilities that every person, business, and generation has to upholding this very core of life itself.

How can a business ignore the call to doing what is right in the face of the obvious need we have to collectively [and immediately] take action for our planet? What have we allowed dirty businesses to do to our natural resources? Why are they escaping the consequences and the clean up costs? Who in Government is upright and ethical enough to take a stand for truly clean air, water, food, manufacturing practices…. and are we producing Leaders who are strong enough to take on these dirty businesses and win?

Our planet, and all life is counting on YOU [Yeah, YOU!] to take up this cause and be a voice for good business and good government…. it can be as easy as sending a 5 minute email to your local elected government officials telling them that you demand, as a taxpayer and a VOTER, that Fluoride, Chlorine, industrial chemicals, agriculture waste and other toxins be cleaned up out of our water…. every time you BUY SOMETHING at the store— you are sending a direct message and a vote to both that business AND to elected officials [trust me, they know all too well the very corporations that are doing well financially].

Scott talked about new MBA’s and undergrads who are now seeking earth friendly, ethical, honorable businesses to work for and to support…. they are out there, and I believe that they are the wave of future growth both economically and socially.

Small Businesses: The backbone of our capitalist, enterprising American values. “Main Street” is an important and integral part of our economic growth, and many of these small businesses and start-ups have grown in popularity to become major companies…. and have literally changed our social and pop culture.

Starbucks, for example, started as a great idea. But the naysayers who said, ‘that will never work in America’ tried to put a damper on this small start up…. and it’s a good thing Founder Howard Schultz persevered despite the negative business advice.

Keep your eye on the truth, and look beyond the small talk and chatter.

Ten things to always keep in mind when looking for your passion in life:

1.) Surround yourself with ethical, honorable, truthful, enlightened, uplifting and creative people who share your values in life.

2.) Define your values. Write them down on paper. Everything you write down will manifest into reality.

3.) Make the call, the first step, the determined decision to be healthy. Health is wealth. Seek holistic nutritional knowledge, and educate yourself about natural healing and staying well with herbs, minerals, vitamins [whole food sourced], and organic food sources. This is key in being successful… you cannot live your life without mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health!

4.) Women need to find the role models that appeal to them and help them to aspire to their highest power in this world. Too many women are brutal to one another. Learn to navigate your life in the correct directions to focus on the good, enlightened role models for you. Women need to learn to collectively help each other in business, which is exactly what men have been doing for generations. Reach out and BE a helpful role model to a girl when you get a chance…. you may be changing a life. I saw Singer Mary J. Blige recently on “Oprah” state that when you empower women, you are actually empowering the world to be a better place.

5.) Have a plan. Again, write it down. It will change over time as you gain life experiences. But keep a Journal of your desires and progress.

6.) Need more education? Easy. You can get this online, selective classes, programs, and even finding a mentor to show you how to do what you need to learn. Be excellent at what you want to do in life. We NEED more excellent people who seek knowledge and never stop learning…. I cannot think of one profession where you ‘know everything’ and just stop learning… Seek knowledge every day. I personally LOVE to research healthy ways of living, holistic healing modalities, and eco-friendly lifestyles…. Find your passion, and you will not stop reaching for more information, skills, enlightenment.

7.) I interviewed a Chocolatier named Vanessa Barg, a 24 year old Entrepreneur who started her amazing, organic, raw chocolate bar company out of her mother’s kitchen! Cool! It started very organically…. simply doing something she loved to do and sharing her talent with friends, students at the nutrition school she was attending, then onto Whole Foods and other retailers…. “GO FOR IT!” is the message here. You don’t need a lot of money to start something wonderful if it is your passion. The kudos will come faster than you could imagine if you LOVE something so much.

8.) Failure has many great lessons. Don’t be afraid of it. Too many people are. Those people are the ones who live in fear, and stay on a mediocre, unfulfilled treadmill all of their lives and never find the golden sunrises and sunsets that everyone should experience spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

9.) Kindness. A little bit towards a needy child, animal, a wetland, a tree or a forest…. this has everything to do with running a conscious, aware and totally successful company that will last for generations in celebration of all life.

10.) God. Family. Work….. Balance. Honor. I believe these are the keys to the door we all want to walk through to experience what it is to truly live life to its fullest.

Giving Back Feels Good...

You can contact Scott Ventrella via his website:

March 29, 2010 Show: Gnosis Chocolate Founder Vanessa Barg

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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” Hippocrates

When you eat raw, handmade, sustainably sourced chocolate you feel its magical powers of total bliss, euphoria and the ultimate love…. and when you eat Gnosis Chocolate you will never go back to eating the processed, fake chocolate ever again!

Gnosis= Knowledge of the heart, experiential knowledge, intuitive knowledge.

My interview with Vanessa Barg, the founder of Gnosis Chocolate, was one that got lots of compliments from my listeners and lots of “Wow, I did not know that! Great Show!” comments from my fellow colleagues at WGCH Radio.

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing such a wealth of information about the differences between raw Cacao and processed chocolate.

The health benefits of raw Cacao are very rich, indeed. The very minerals that 80% of the world’s population is deficient in, such as Magnesium, are found in abundance in raw, unprocessed Cacao.

However, all of these minerals are destroyed by using refined sugar, milk/dairy, chemical additives, or any other aggressive processing that you find in the mass produced chocolate….. read labels! You will be really disappointed to see how the majority of chocolate bars out there [including some other “Organic” labeled chocolate] have either refined sugar or ‘evaporated cane juice.’

Vanessa explained that we get way too much sugar in our diets to begin with, and the negative health implications of this is clear to see with the many degenerative diseases that are caused or exacerbated by the intake of Sugar. Sugar FEEDS the parasitic, unhealthy bacteria that every person today has to consciously rid their bodies of by way of CLEANSING and also simultaneously making food choices that heal the body.

Gnosis Chocolate infuses their handmade, raw cacao chocolate bars with vitamins, herbs, and minerals such as Maca Root, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Gingo Biloba, Camu Camu, Lavender, Gotu Kola, Burdock, Blue Green Algae, and so many other awesome, yummy gifts for your God given body!

God’s garden is the gift of life. We are only now getting to realize that the industrial revolution took human beings, for at least the last three generations, away from this magnificent Garden of natural, organic food and humane thinking of our relationship to this earth and all life that was meant to symbiotically live in harmony. This is the very essence of life, health, longevity…

But why is the medical paradigm so ignorant of this and aggressively condescending of this ancient knowledge? By the way, the “Allopathic” medical regime that is the primary source of what is termed ‘Health Care’ in America today was spawned from the chemical/warfare industries before and during World War II [and primarily from German warfare technology].

It’s time to get back to our Mother Earth and demand, with our consumer dollars [and with our collective voices to our elected political leaders] that we are entitled to a world with healthy food and water… and future generations are entitled to this, too!

Children should be eating Chocolate, and not exploited by conglomerates that mass-market cheap, chemical-laden Chocolate to the developed world–

When you buy RAW Cacao Chocolate, you are voting with your dollars to STOP child labor in the third world… and the Chocolate industry has quite a wretched past with exploiting child labor.

Raw Cacao Chocolate is NOT exploitive, and does not use child labor for the product.

Cacao is a nut that grows on a Tree! I did not know this, but it makes sense. And I also did not know that when you buy Raw Cacao you are encouraging native growers to PROTECT their natural forests that would most likely be destroyed for destructive money-making industries such as raising cattle or soy.

There’s everything to feel good about eating RAW Cacao…. especially when it’s made with love like the special chocolate from “The Chocolate Girl” @ Gnosis Chocolate!

Available at Whole Foods or

P.S. My favorites are the Pomegranate Acai and SuperChoc!

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