February 8th, 2010 Show: Racketeering Behind Steel Leg Hold Traps

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Beautiful people don’t wear fur. Period.

The agony and pain that steel leg hold traps cause to innocent, sentient beings is beneath contempt and as close to a bloody warfare on our environment as one can get…. So, why does this wretched practice continue? Who are the Barbarians behind this warfare?

This coyote was caught in a steel leghold trap and suffered for many days before he was brutally killed by a Trapper.

My guests on this show, Priscilla Feral of Friends of Animals, domiciled in Darien, Connecticut, and the Honorable Fred Camillo, State Representative for Greenwich, CT joined me to bring light to this important topic that is destroying our natural habitats.

It is shocking to learn that the very people responsible for safeguarding a State’s forests, The Department of Environmental Protection, is at the core of this environmentally destructive behavior.

Do the jaded bureaucrats in this agency realize that the very words that describe their employer state: “Environmental Protection”…. ????????????

This leads to the obvious question of why this pain and suffering of innocent, important wildlife is ongoing and totally ignored by the governmental bureaucrats: Where is the money trail behind this racketeering?

Well, as Priscilla Feral pointed out in the show, the DEP takes money from these trappers and garners a nice profit from charging for annual licenses.

But what about the majority of taxpayers who DO NOT want any of this carnage to take place in their last remaining forest land?

What about the 89% of voters who want trapping banned? Why is an agency that operates itself and pays its salaries from the majority taxpayer base totally ignoring the majority public opinion and why are we not given a voice in this important issue?

The trappers and other ugly industry people, such as the fur garment trade industry, want to keep our forests under siege in order to make money from the skins of these endangered wild animals.

And who really pays for this scheme?

Pets, endangered “non target” animals have been caught in these traps and left to linger in agony for many days and weeks….. even innocent hikers and unsuspecting people have become victims of these cruel, horrendous traps and snares.

What can we do?

Write to your local and state representatives– email, fax, and call— it will take literally 10 minutes to write a quick email or to fax a brief message that you, as a taxpayer, demand that these traps be BANNED in order to save our last remaining natural forests from the destruction of a few ignorant, fringe people who seek to continue to kill everything in sight to support their greedy and bloody habit of exploiting our natural resources.

Mankind is at a crossroads today: we can either save our natural habitats to save the quality of our air, water, and the integrity of our own lives on this earth… or we can be apathetic and let vested interests be the only voice that our elected officials hear.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in Politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
— Plato, Greek Philosopher, 427- 348 B.C.

This endangered Owl was caught in a trap in Connecticut and lingered for many days in pain until he was discovered dragging the trap by a good citizen in the small town of Wallingford, CT. The tragedy is that this endangered Owl suffered a critical infection from the wound and had to be euthanized.

This is a crime against our Wildlife, and truly against the quality of our own lives on this earth.

This Wolverine died a slow, agonizing death after being caught in a snare

Stop this reckless, willful atrocity NOW. Write, call, and fax your local and state representatives.

This video should be shown in every town meeting so that our disconnected representatives can come face-to-face with this murder of innocent life. http://www.banlegholdtraps.com

Please donate to organizations that support the rescue of our wildlife and who have tirelessly worked to save our animals from the
ignorant exploitation that they have suffered. The time is now.

Friends of Animals: 203.656.1522


“Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be.”
— Sydney J. Harris, American Journalist and Author

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  1. Transparency = irofnmation on where a lab is and who works there to facilitate future harassment and attacks

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