January 18, 2010 Show: Documentary Film, “The Cove,” nominated for an Academy Award…. A conversation with Dolphin expert Richard O’Barry

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The Documentary, “The Cove” is the single most compelling movie I have ever witnessed. I believe this Documentary will win the Academy Award this year. Everyone must see this film!

Notable Quotable:

“All the problems in this world, both big and small, are caused by humans.”

— Hunter Dupont, my 13 year old Nephew

Ric O’Barry explains the horror of the Dolphin slaughter that takes place every year in a small, remote town in Taiji, Japan, where a merciless massacre of approximately 23,000 Dolphins are speared to death in this small cove for no other reason other than to eliminate the competition for the Japanese fishing industry.

O’Barry explains that the consumer has got to be at the forefront in saving the Dolphins from extinction in the wild.

To shun the lure of the “Sea World” type of entertainment venues is the first step. They are guilty of paying the executioners in Taiji the many millions that they are willing to pay in order to come to the slaughter to “choose” the best Dolphins for what is akin to slavery in these marine mammal entertainment parks.

Surprisingly, the very industry that benefits the most from this slaughter is the live-show entertainment industry where Dolphins and other marine mammals are taught to perform silly tricks for a human audience.

O’Barry has many years of expertise with Dolphins, and was the trainer for the five Dolphins that played “Flipper” in the 1970’s hit show.

He saw how intelligent these mammals are and later decided to become a voice for their rescue from the very entertainment that he used to benefit from as a trainer in the show biz world.

This was one of the most talked about Documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival, and several Hollywood Actors have come forward to be a voice for the saving of our last remaining wild Dolphins such as Actor Ben Stiller, Actress Hayden Penetierre, Comedienne Ellen DeGenerous, and many others….

The fact that the Japanese Government has turned a blind eye to this bloody murder every year is abominable behavior.

This is an unjustified rape of our natural eco-system, and you cannot put a price on the intricate balance of our Ocean marine life.

The Japanese Government is also guilty of the horrific Whale slaughter that they try to label as “research” when everyone knows that research does not need to involve slaughtering Whales and then selling their carcass parts for human consumption….hmmmmm.

Why so much destruction from one small country?

This Documentary depicts the cover-ups, the fabrications, and the monumental great lengths that the Japanese cartels will go to in order to keep this tragedy quiet from the rest of the world, and to also influence other smaller countries to follow their environmentally destructive path with monetary bribes..

I encourage all educated people to see this Documentary. It is life changing and it should, at the very least, get every person to stand up for our intelligent marine mammals.

I applaud the entire crew of people who risked their own lives to bring this Documentary to the public around the world!

To help stop this slaughter and to send an urgent message to the Japanese Government and to our own Government to save our environment, you can visit:

and Earth Island Institute: http://www.eii.org

The critical state of our oceans cannot be ignored. The ignorant practices of the few vested-interest groups that wreck such havoc in our eco-system has got to be addressed on all fronts.

All taxpayers, consumers, educated parents, churches, schools, teachers, governmental elected leaders, college students, universities, and people who care about the quality of their own lives should be TAKING ACTION to save our marine mammals immediately.

The time is now. When you have a collapsed ecological balance, it will be too late.

Saving Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, and all Ocean life is necessary to saving life on earth.

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