January 11th, 2010: Wild Horses! The Truth About “Round Ups” And How To Save Our Natural World From ‘Special Interest’ Exploitation.

January 9, 2010 at 1:10 PM | Posted in Animal Redemption & Environment | 2 Comments
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Brutal round-ups are illegal, yet take place under the radar of the American public.

My upcoming show on our last remaining Wild Horses is a hot topic for all of us who care about preserving our natural world from being destroyed forever…..

Please tune in at 4.30PM on 1490AM WGCH or Podcast after the show is broadcast.

Podcast available on: http://www.wgch.com

Click on “Conscious Lifestyles” and then on the date of the broadcast of the show: 01/11/10.

Thank you!


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  1. Thank you so much for having a show on the destruction of our wild horses and burros. At the rate they are being rounded up and mares being given PZP , a contraceptive vaccine, they will be extinct very soon. Please call President Obama and tell him to stop ALL roundups at 202-456-1111. ASk Congress for an investigation of the lawless BLM also . Call 202-224-3121.

    • My guests on this show tomorrow, January 11th, 2010, will be John Holland of the Equine Welfare Alliance and Deidre Sharp of Horse Play.

      If you are not in the Greenwich/Fairfield County/Westchester County, NY area, you may listen to it on Podcast on http://www.wgch.com. It usually shows up on Podcast approximately 4 days after the air date.

      I encourage ALL good people to make your voices heard regarding our national heritage: Our Wild Horses.

      This important show is one of several that will be broadcasting on my show this coming year.

      On January 25th, I will have The Cloud Foundation speaking on my show about the horrific, unnecessary
      round ups and how it must stop. I applaud ALL rescue organizations for the heroic work they are
      doing, on donations from good citizens, to stop this taxpayer WASTE of money that was ‘given’ to the
      undeserving, transparently corrupt “Bureau of Land Management” [BLM] to the tune of $35 MILLION DOLLARS!

      Unbelievable, and certainly unacceptable waste of our tax dollars.

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