Jan. 25, 2010 Show: Ginger Kathrens, Emmy Award-winning producer, Documentary Filmmaker, and Founder of The Cloud Foundation

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“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

— Mark Twain

Please visit http://www.thecloudfoundation.org

Wild Mustang Foals are run over cliffs, stampeded to death, and run to death by the Bureau of Land Management during their illegal, fraudulent “round ups” that harass, stampede, corral, cull, and steal our National Heritage from the unsuspecting taxpayer.

One day they are grazing peacefully and living the very lives that they are protected to live by the Congressional Act of 1971 to protect our Wild Mustangs, and the next day, these brilliant Wild Horses are running for their lives….

I believe it is the duty of all who are in the media to bring to light the enormous environmental devastations that are primarily caused by human beings alone.

In particular, it is the special interest lobbies that seem to get their way with our elected officials and cause the most damage, that is irreparable, to our ecology, natural resources, and wildlife.

I was compelled to have a second show on this horrific environmental destruction taking place [QUIETLY] under the Obama Administration….

Our Wild Mustangs are being brutally, violently ’rounded up’ by high speed helicopters, and family units are being forever broken…. many of these frightened horses are killed during the aggressive attack…. and many are outright, illegally, unbelievably murdered by the Bureau of Land Management.

This is a bloody warfare on our environment, yet kept under the radar of the American Taxpayer.

….. and I am personally motivated to bring the outrage of this unnecessary, rogue practice of “round-ups” of our Wild Mustangs to the immediate attention of the American taxpayer!

I thank Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation, http://www.thecloudfoundation.org, for joining me on my radio show on January 25th to explain the enormous special interests behind this assault on our wildlife.

I urge all of my listeners, and anyone who has stumbled upon my web page and blog to be a voice for these important horses, whose lineage dates back more than 25,000 years ago…. they are as indigenous to the North American continent as our mountains, streams, and forests!

Please visit http://www.ida.org and http://www.thecloudfoundation.org to get the details on all of the round ups, and to sign the Petitions that taxpayers, by the thousands, are signing to get this massacre to stop.

This photo is of the San Juan Mountain Range in southwestern Colorado, one of the ranges that our Wild Horses are supposed to live in freedom.

Mother Wild Mustangs are all too often separated from their Foals in the chaotic round-ups, and entire family units never see each other again.

Horses, both wild and domestic, have excellent memories. They can remember a loved one several years after not seeing them… they also remember their people guardians after long periods [many years] of separation.

Horses are highly sensitive, intelligent, curious, and remarkable animals who feel happiness, sadness, loneliness, fright, fear, hope, joy, hunger, pain, family unity, pride, and wonder just as all sentient beings feel.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of having a horse in their life would certainly confirm this. Moreover, this fact has been confirmed by environmental researchers who have studied these Wild Horses and other wildlife, such as Elephants, for many decades.

We need to be their voice. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION before the BLM rogues remove all of our wildlife from their natural habitat to unthinkably cruel and uncertain futures.

Ginger Kathrens also talks about other indigenous wildlife, such as coyotes and foxes, who are horrifically killed in violent ways, by the Bureau of Land Management in their misguided, greedy, unethical desire to placate the cattle ranchers and create a barren wasteland, devoid of all natural life [other than environmentally destructive– NON-indigenous cattle].

The saving of our wildlife is the biggest gift we could give to ourselves and to future generations.

Ethical, caring people who care about the balance of the eco-system should speak up to save our wildlife and our natural wild lands from development and special interests.

If you sit back and do nothing, then the special interests will have their way with polluting, and permanently damaging our world– Life cannot be sustained with this rate of destruction…. What are we doing to ourselves?

These beautiful images are here to remind us of our duty as humans to stand up for life on this earth:

These wild horses are curious and have come to check out a nature photographer in Colorado. Amazing moment I would love to experience in my lifetime!

Let future generations see our national heritage run free….

Let them live in peace. We have over 200 million acres of national parklands that less than 20,000 horses live within…. and more than 2 million head of cattle, that destroy the environment, are being ‘welfare ranched’ on our national parklands at taxpayer expense…. and at the expense of our Wild Mustangs who are a natural part of the ecological balance.

The cruelty in running the pregnant Mares to death in the stampede is an unthinkable crime to both the environment and to all of humanity.


January 18, 2010 Show: Documentary Film, “The Cove,” nominated for an Academy Award…. A conversation with Dolphin expert Richard O’Barry

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The Documentary, “The Cove” is the single most compelling movie I have ever witnessed. I believe this Documentary will win the Academy Award this year. Everyone must see this film!

Notable Quotable:

“All the problems in this world, both big and small, are caused by humans.”

— Hunter Dupont, my 13 year old Nephew

Ric O’Barry explains the horror of the Dolphin slaughter that takes place every year in a small, remote town in Taiji, Japan, where a merciless massacre of approximately 23,000 Dolphins are speared to death in this small cove for no other reason other than to eliminate the competition for the Japanese fishing industry.

O’Barry explains that the consumer has got to be at the forefront in saving the Dolphins from extinction in the wild.

To shun the lure of the “Sea World” type of entertainment venues is the first step. They are guilty of paying the executioners in Taiji the many millions that they are willing to pay in order to come to the slaughter to “choose” the best Dolphins for what is akin to slavery in these marine mammal entertainment parks.

Surprisingly, the very industry that benefits the most from this slaughter is the live-show entertainment industry where Dolphins and other marine mammals are taught to perform silly tricks for a human audience.

O’Barry has many years of expertise with Dolphins, and was the trainer for the five Dolphins that played “Flipper” in the 1970’s hit show.

He saw how intelligent these mammals are and later decided to become a voice for their rescue from the very entertainment that he used to benefit from as a trainer in the show biz world.

This was one of the most talked about Documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival, and several Hollywood Actors have come forward to be a voice for the saving of our last remaining wild Dolphins such as Actor Ben Stiller, Actress Hayden Penetierre, Comedienne Ellen DeGenerous, and many others….

The fact that the Japanese Government has turned a blind eye to this bloody murder every year is abominable behavior.

This is an unjustified rape of our natural eco-system, and you cannot put a price on the intricate balance of our Ocean marine life.

The Japanese Government is also guilty of the horrific Whale slaughter that they try to label as “research” when everyone knows that research does not need to involve slaughtering Whales and then selling their carcass parts for human consumption….hmmmmm.

Why so much destruction from one small country?

This Documentary depicts the cover-ups, the fabrications, and the monumental great lengths that the Japanese cartels will go to in order to keep this tragedy quiet from the rest of the world, and to also influence other smaller countries to follow their environmentally destructive path with monetary bribes..

I encourage all educated people to see this Documentary. It is life changing and it should, at the very least, get every person to stand up for our intelligent marine mammals.

I applaud the entire crew of people who risked their own lives to bring this Documentary to the public around the world!

To help stop this slaughter and to send an urgent message to the Japanese Government and to our own Government to save our environment, you can visit:

and Earth Island Institute: http://www.eii.org

The critical state of our oceans cannot be ignored. The ignorant practices of the few vested-interest groups that wreck such havoc in our eco-system has got to be addressed on all fronts.

All taxpayers, consumers, educated parents, churches, schools, teachers, governmental elected leaders, college students, universities, and people who care about the quality of their own lives should be TAKING ACTION to save our marine mammals immediately.

The time is now. When you have a collapsed ecological balance, it will be too late.

Saving Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, and all Ocean life is necessary to saving life on earth.

January 11th, 2010 Show: Save our Wild Mustangs Before They Are Driven To Extinction!

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Notable Quotable:

“Take sides. Neutrality helps the Oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

–Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Deidre Sharp of Horse Play, Rhode Island, and John Holland of The Equine Welfare Alliance.

The show is now available via Podcast from http://www.wgch.com on Conscious Lifestyles Show.

The half-hour show could not possibly touch on the huge issues surrounding this horrendous annihilation of our American Heritage… but we sure tried to bring to light the secretive process that the Bureau of Land Management has shrouded themselves within when it comes to the brutal mismanagement of our wildlife, particularly our Wild Horses.

The Wild Mustang is indigenous to the North American Continent, and their lineage dates back to more than 25,000 years!…. that is long before the human animal ever walked on the face of the earth!

The Wild Mustangs, whose range is primarily Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming are also direct descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors!

+ Horses, both Wild and Domestic, are highly intelligent and form strong family bonds.
+ All horses remember a loved one after many years of not seeing this beloved family member. They have full consciousness of their environments and their family members.
+ All horses are extremely sensitive, and have complex emotional abilities that are highly developed.
+ Horses have been able to successfully work with children who are emotionally and mentally challenged and brought miracles to the families who had no other way of helping their children. Many Autistic children have been successfully assisted with their communication challenges when working with horses.

The American people want our wildlife saved!

For any cattle rancher to dismiss the importance of these beautiful, sentient living beings as anything less than an important part of our American History… well, they are clearly attempting to muddle the issues for their own personal gain so that their millions of head of destructive [and environmentally damaging] cattle to graze on our PUBLIC, National Parks that are paid for by the American Taxpayer!

The Bureau of Land Management literally throws away all letters addressed to them that have been sent to them by the THOUSANDS of taxpayers demanding that the horses be left to roam peacefully on the very land that was given to them by Congress in the “ROAM ACT” of 1971: The Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act. This was UNANIMOUSLY PASSED BY CONGRESS TO PROTECT OUR HERITAGE OF OUR WILD MUSTANGS.

But now, the BLM has taken it upon themselves to totally ignore the Congressional Act that was passed into Law, and flagrantly ‘shoots the finger’ at the Law that they are breaking….

Why and how are they getting away with this?

Well, under the disappointing Obama Administration, Mr. Ken Salazar, who is unworthy of his post at the Department of Interior– and also a CATTLE RANCHER HIMSELF– the BLM has had a field day with breaking the law and literally prostituting themselves to the Cattle Industry….

How can this happen?

Good question. And the taxpayers want some answers.

Some facts that will knock your socks off:

** Extortion and Bribery: The BLM was given a windfall of $35 MILLION Dollars by the Obama Administration this year under the guise of the mismanaged “stimulus plan.”

** The BLM squandered this money by taking it and cow-towing themselves to the cattle ranchers by vowing to spend millions and millions on more brutal ’round ups’ with more helicopters!

** The BLM had already rounded up more than 37,000 wild horses that are standing in open corrals that are costing us, the taxpayers, $100,000 PER DAY to hold in these holding pens that are far from their natural environment, overcrowded, dusty, open to the elements…

** And the BLM has also taken it upon themselves to brutally shoot and kill any animal that they see fit to murder at that moment… no accounting for their actions to anyone… and Salazar sits, like a big Czar and turns a blind eye to all of this. Unacceptable for an Administration that claimed “transparency?” You bet.

**All horses are castrated and given PZP, and illegal substance in the U.S. that has not been approved for use to sterilize female animals. Unbelievable.This is a sure-fire way of making these Wild Mustangs reach the “Extinction” list. Unacceptable.

** In the last round up, that took place when Congress was out on Christmas/New Years vacation, several horses were killed from these brutal, violent round ups and one Foal was left without a Mother when the BLM goons decided to shoot the Mare in front of the heard and her terrified Foal. The unethical behavior gets worse as any person starts to dig deeper to look at the horrors that the BLM has, alone, brought to our environment.

** How is this even remotely “Environmental?” Where is the proper ‘land management’ in this bureaucracy?

** In 2008, the BLM wanted to slaughter ALL of the horses in holding pens, the whole 37,000 of them… but the public outcry made them back down for the time being.

What is next for our precious wildlife in the West?

These answers will take many radio shows to try to answer, but the answer has to start with EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERY ONE OF US TO WRITE LETTERS, EMAIL, AND PHONE CALL our Congressional Representatives and our LOCAL Representatives to have an outpouring of OUTRAGE and ANGER at this injustice.

Also, supporting at least a handful of the many organizations that work tirelessly off of donations alone to fight these twisted, corrupt special interests and unworthy government officials to get them to back down, and to listen to the majority of Americans who demand accountability for their tax dollars.

Please visit the web sites for Horse Play and for The Equine Welfare Alliance:

Phone: 540.268.5693

The Horse Play Sanctuary
Phone: 401.294.3565

This important environmental issue will be discussed in a series of Radio Shows on Conscious Lifestyles! On January 25th, I will be talking with The Cloud Foundation about the work they are doing to bring justice for the Wild Mustangs as well… and there will be more deserving organizations to come throughout this year to open this issue up to the public eye to see clearly.

Truth brings ACTION.

Be the voice of change that we deserve.

January 11th, 2010: Wild Horses! The Truth About “Round Ups” And How To Save Our Natural World From ‘Special Interest’ Exploitation.

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Brutal round-ups are illegal, yet take place under the radar of the American public.

My upcoming show on our last remaining Wild Horses is a hot topic for all of us who care about preserving our natural world from being destroyed forever…..

Please tune in at 4.30PM on 1490AM WGCH or Podcast after the show is broadcast.

Podcast available on: http://www.wgch.com

Click on “Conscious Lifestyles” and then on the date of the broadcast of the show: 01/11/10.

Thank you!

January 4th, 2010 Show: How To Build Green And Find An Honest Builder

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How to Find a good builder who will care about their quality [and you] and know how to implement “Green” methods and materials?

It’s easy when you have the tools to know WHAT to look for….
Continue Reading January 4th, 2010 Show: How To Build Green And Find An Honest Builder…

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